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The Light House (6.05) Recap & Analysis

The Light House (6.05) Recap & Analysis

“You would think we would have seen all these massive structures” my sister to me during this weeks episode.

This must be one big ass island with the way things just appear and disappear even without us really noticing. Or are all our characters so self-absorbed that they just don’t notice planes flying over head dropping off supplies, and big lighthouses sitting down beach? All and all, great episode that featured Jack in the flash sideways (which BTW is in the same order as season one so far). And of course created new questions, while it answered little.

As Fake Locke told Sawyer last week, Jacob sure did have a thing for numbers, this time degrees on the dial, and a magic mirror that shows us the coordinating persons house. Thanks Jack for being a selfish jerk and breaking the mirror, Hurley didn’t get to see his house.

Meet the new crazy woman missing her baby, same as the old crazy woman missing her baby

As we found out at the end of last week’s episode Claire is still on the island, can’t really say if she is alive or not. I am leaning towards her being one of the undead, maybe this IS zombie season? In her tent she had the usual Rousseau items, guns, dynamite, and cradle with fake baby. The cradle was not the same one Locke had made her, but it did hold a handmade item, Wilson from Castaway but as a baby. And besides the “baby “she is not alone, her dad and “friend” apparently are over for tea and cookies all the time. I have to say she good at being creepy, I was waiting for her to just knock that others head clean off. So when she put the ax in him, I wasn’t as surprised as Jin was. Same goes for when Fake Locke just dropped by.

Jack has a memory problem?

This week’s flash-sideways are of Jack, who so far seems to be the only one with memory loss. He may have remembered he had a son, but didn’t remember him playing the piano or his appendix being taken out at a young age. Or did he just wonder if he had a dream about being on a deserted island were two good looking chicks took it out? His memory loss even appears to have erased any possible issues he may have with his son and their relationship. His son seemed concerned about Jack’s approval of his piano playing and distant to him. But Jack seems genuinely surprised by this fact and in no way wants their relationship to be like his was with his father.

Hurley and Jacks little adventure

It was nice having Hurley and Jack going through the jungle, the jungle itself just seems so much brighter than it was before. They run into Kate ( who was not invited even though Jacob touched her in the past) as she is refilling her bottle of water, which by the way was what she was doing at the barracks when we last saw her. She was going off to find Claire, by herself in the jungle. She wished Jack well in an uncharacteristic way and off she went, not fearing Smokie I guess. Jack and Hurley’s next stop was by the caves where we revisit with Adam and Eve from early season one. Hurley runs some theory about them being Adam and Eve. Back when the island was skipping through time and it stopped in 1954 and they were all being attacked on the beach by the others, I had wondered then if it was possible that those two skeletons where from this incident. Jack reminds us he was following his dad who “wasn’t really there” back in season one (White Rabbit). And now I wonder, was he following his dad, or was he following Fake Locke, before he was in Locke? Is there more than one smoke monster? Are they all smoke monsters maybe, or have the ability to be them (the undead)? For his dad or Smokey whoever it was, did also lead him to where there was necessary water and shelter. So, whoever it was, did want to keep them alive.

Black and White

There has been a motif of black and white in this show since the very first episode when Locke explains the rules of backgammon to Walt. “One side light, one side dark”. But there were a few more this episode with the piano, the cookies David was eating (Milano’s…love them) the finding of Adam and Eve to remind us of those black and white stones again. Which I do believe Jack had put in his pocket at the time, wonder what he did with them?

Answers are given….sort of

Overall it was a good, low impact episode. I laugh every week when they tell us that answers are being given, and the time for questions is over. So what was answered? There is a magic lighthouse that Jacob could see into the lives of those on the magic wheel, Claire is crazy and has been living out in the jungle but not alone, and we learned more about Jack in the other storyline but that created new questions. Did he really forget about surgery he had as a child? Is David’s mother Jack's former wife? Does Dogen have any memory of Jack? Why is Jack special? How did the light house work, was he looking into their past, present, or future, or a parallel time? I guess as usual, we will have to wait until next week to find out more.

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