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Sun Down ( 6.06) The Trouble with Bunnies and Baseballs, Recap and Analysis

Sun Down (episode 6.06) – The trouble with Bunnies and Baseballs – Recap and Analysis

So after watching this episode my sister and I concluded that rather than giant hamsters powering the island, from its underground lair as referenced by Ben in Season 5, that perhaps he was telling a half truth and it is bunnies instead. Sounds crazy, well no more than anything else from this show.

We started thinking bunnies because of the fact that Keamy ( hate that guy) showed up to cook some eggs for Sayid, and his awful grin reminds my sister and I of the teeth of a rabbit. But before I go on about the ridiculous amount of comparisons to bunnies in the show, let’s recap what just happened, or what we think happened.

This was a Sayid centric episode, beginning in the flash sideways with Sayid visiting his brother and kids, and guess what; his brother in this world is married to Nadia, the love of Sayid’s life. Sayid may or may not be working with the CIA. He told his family he was translating documents and this was why he was in Australia for an oil company, maybe so, maybe not. I figure this does make a good cover story, which fits with working for the CIA as he was in the original timeline. One thing we do know is he knew where Nadia was already in this time line, so he was not on the plane to go find her, but he was to go see her.

Omer, Sayid’s unable-to-break-a-chicken’s-neck-brother had gotten into some mafia-style trouble and wanted Sayid to “take care of it” since he was formerly an “interrogator for the republican guard” in this reality. He even mentions that he was trying for the last 12 years to forget it, and he also reminded us again “that he is not that man anymore” He really wants to believe this, but the whole rest of the episode he lives up to being “that kind of man”. He should just stop saying that. The next day Sayid’s brother is taken to the hospital from being stabbed outside his store, while Sayid and Nadia are rushing through the hallways of St. Sebastian hospital, they pass Jack.

I am not 100% certain, but I also thought the scars that Nadia had on her arms previously seemed to not be there. So was she never captured and tortured?

Later on another Omar from Widmore's crew approached Sayid before he was to go pick up the kids and took him to one Martin Keamy at the restaurant we previously had seen Naomi take Miles to prove his talents in season 4. Keamy offers to make Sayid some eggs, denies being involved in the stabbing of his brother and just talks about how his brother owes him some money.

Sayid is one lean, sometimes mean, killing machine

Something sets Sayid off, at the restaurant and just like that, he kills everyone. Next he hears some banging in the refrigerator/ freezer to find a tied up Jin.

Back on the island Sayid and Dogen get into a big kung fu fight after Dogen answers a few of Sayid’s questions, (so I guess if they tell you anything they have to kill you). Because Dogen goes crazy and starts trying to beat the crap out of Sayid only to stop from killing him because his baseball fell to the floor. Which was probably his sons baseball, he tells us later this was how he came to the island. One night after drinking from celebrating he went to pick up his son from his baseball game and caused a car accident. Jacob came to him and told him if he came to the island his son could live, but he would never see him again. I think Dogen didn’t kill him then (this time) because the baseball was a reminder of how he was responsible for the loss of someone else’s life. He then calls Sayid evil and to get the hell out..

Sayid is banished but only for a few minutes, because now Fake Locke and Crazy Claire-so are here and wanting to see Dogen, so Dogen sends Sayid out with a sword and tells him, this monster will show up as someone Sayid knows but is dead and he will have to stab him in the chest before he says anything. And this of course will prove that Sayid really has some goodness in him, and he will somehow I guess be saving the day. Sayid does this and Fake Locke just kind of looks at him with pity, takes the knife out and offers it back to him. Since it didn’t work, he wonders why they sent Sayid out to kill him when it wouldn’t have worked so they must have figured that he would kill Sayid. And since they have already tried to do this three times now but only succeeded once, Sayid believes him and goes to deliver his message. Right afterwards, Dogen and Sayid have a heart to heart about the baseball and Sayid decides to drown Dogen. He finishes off his killing spree with Lennon. Total Sayid killing machine body count for this episode 5.

I think we sympathize with Sayid despite his killer instincts because everyone is manipulating, using or just plain lying to him. Dogen told him to prove how good he is by killing someone who was coming to cause harm, and he attempts to do this. Then FLocke uses him to go back and kill Dogen and Lennon and promises him the one thing that matters to him. Ben used him to go on a killing spree, to eliminate all of “Widmore's people” to protect his friends. The CIA used him to tell on his friend by promising him Nadia, and because his friend killed himself and no one was going to claim his body. Sayid stayed in Sydney and extra day to take care of it, thus winding up on the island to begin with. The way I see it, Sayid is someone you want on your side, he is as loyal as they come. He has willfully given his life for these people he just met to help them find rescue. I think as long as you don’t threaten harm to people he cares about, Sayid is a good guy.

Get the F out of Dodge if you want to live, otherwise Smokey is cleaning house, seems like a fair deal.

Sayid tells everyone that Jacob is dead and that they didn’t have to stay there anymore, and they need to leave the temple before sundown and can leave the island. Otherwise those remaining will die. Most of the others take this pretty seriously and decide to take this offer and get out of dodge. It seems that with Dogen dead, the magical ash isn’t so magical anymore.

Kate has come back right before Sayid meets up with FLocke, and finds out Claire is there in the hole, which was kind of ironic since she left to go find her, but if she just waited, Claire would of come to her. Claire did not look too pleased about Kate raising her boy which really proved Dogen to be right about how she is confused. She genuinely seemed glad to see Kate up until that, and Kate did explain they couldn’t find her, and now she is back to rescue her so she can be with Aaron. Claire didn’t seem too grateful at all, which she should be or the real Claire would be, and then she just laughed that she wasn’t the one that needed rescuing. Kate didn’t get to mention how Claire’s mom has Aaron, and that she is now out of a Coma…might have melted her poisoned heart?

Meet the X Sayid, Same as the other Sayid

Sayid in X is very much the same as Sayid on the island. He is still the tortured torturer, still killing people, still longing for Nadia, only now she is alive and has kids with his brother. This really is just a different kind of hell. Kate was much the same to me in X also, just like she is on the island, it was mostly Jack and Locke that seem different somehow.

The lines of evil and good are still blurred, here in this episode alone Sayid was asked by Dogen to go kill someone to “prove he is good”. And we know, killing isn’t really considered a bad thing on this island as the others have picked off plenty of our crashers over the past seasons. Sayid killing the men that obviously had no regard for any life that tried to kill his brother doesn’t seem bad, or good. Protecting his family is good but killing people who kill seems kind of hypocritical also. We don’t know if FLocke asked Sayid to kill Dogen, but there is a chance he did, which doesn’t make him look so good either. In fact, I have a real problem with both groups being so judgmental as if they are somehow the ones that are right, but if they were, then they wouldn’t need all this trickery, manipulation and well being so judgmental.

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket

The song originally was something sweet that Claire’s father (Christian) had sung to her when she was a child and it was also the song that played on Aaron’s mobile in his nursery at the Dharma station. But here at the end of the episode it was cryptic with Claire’s crazy sounding voice and slow rhythm of the orchestra, giving it a new and scary meaning. And for the first time in a very long time, it rained. I don’t think we have seen any rain on lost since the time skipping. It never seemed to rain when they were in 1977, and it hasn’t rained since they were back.

As people scatter and panic to get out of the temple, Miles meets Illana for the first time when she beats down a door in a room he was attempting to hide in. Miles is at least reunited with Lapidius. Ben goes off to get Sayid whom was sitting by the spring with the bodies of Lennon and Dogen floating below. Ben tells him it’s still not too late, but and Sayid said it was for him in a creepy way (guess the infection reached his heart- oh yes I guess it did because FLocke brought up Nadia)

Kate tried to get Claire when the smoke monster thundered across the hole Claire was in, across it like a locomotive with people screaming. After the dust cleared, everyone was separated, Kate followed Claire out of the temple and saw FLocke for the first time, he seemed curious on seeing her. As Kate follows them out of the temple and the eerie sound of catch a falling star is playing in the background, she picks up another gun from one of the many dead bodies lying around.

“All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies. And whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first, they must catch you: digger, listener, runner, prince with the swift warning. Be cunning, and your people will never be destroyed.” – from the book Watership Down

The smoke monster came through and slaughtered whoever was left, and left a mess much like when the dog came in and tore apart the bunnies in Watership Down. Which I loved as a book but as a film scared the crap out of me when I was a child, I still haven’t re-watched it

Sawyer was reading Watership Down, “a book about bunnies”, way back in season one. And it has been referenced in at least 3 different episode. The story is about the exodus of eleven rabbits from their warren because one of the rabbits has a vision that “danger is coming”, they go on a perilous journey full of danger, death, and trickery. During their journey they come across a utopian warren but find out it is a trap full of snares and traps and they would basically just become the farmers dinner.

As far as other references to bunnies we have the time traveling rabbits of Dharma, Ben’s pet rabbit, the rabbit he uses to trick Sawyer when the pretended to put a pacemaker in him that would explode his heart if he got too excited. And Ben also references the rabbits from Mice and Men during this same episode. Just 2 episodes ago, Sawyer pulls a gun on FLocke and brings up the same book, and how it didn’t have a happy ending. The looking glasses Dharma logo was also a rabbit, and truly everyone in this show has been following their own white rabbit off in the jungle and down the rabbit hole.

And the angel of death in Watership Down that is a monster of sorts that kills off the “evil pursuers” and protects the “good rabbits”…it’s a black cloud in the shape of a rabbit.


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