Sunday, February 21, 2010

Miles, Miles, Miles...pre-cap for episode 5.13

"Don’t treat me like I am one of them, like I don’t know who you are or what you can do" Miles to Ben

This upcoming episode appears to be Miles centric, and when thinking about Miles I think of his own version of Sawyerisms “ great they sent another Sawyer”, and this statement he made to Ben early in season 4.

We don’t know too much about Miles. We know he “talks to dead people”, he is from Encino, he is a bit cranky, he thought Naomi was hot, and he has been to the island previously for a longer period of time then Sawyer, and Juliet but not as long as Charlotte. (He was the second one to get the nose bleeds.) We know Widmore selected him for a reason, he was hand selected like Charlotte, and Faraday. We also know Miles attempted to get Ben to give him 3.2 million dollars and he would just tell Widmore he was dead. I am not sure how he was going to pull that off anyway, did he really think he would just go up to Kearmy and just say, oh yeah he is dead, ok we can go now. I always thought there was something funny about that amount of money, as Ben said why 3.2 and not 3.3 or 3.4?

Miles has grabbed me as mostly untrustworthy, not just because of this but also from his initial meeting with Michael aboard the freighter. He joked with him that his real name wasn’t Kevin, and added 80% of them there was lying about something. Which would likely include him or he would be the ignorant 20% that didn’t know lying was going on. We know he talks to dead people, which, could mean he is also psychic, (this is the case for Allison Dubois of Medium) but somehow I doubt it. He seems to have a generally poor attitude “Wow you’re the survivors of 815” and his name-calling is less endearing then Sawyer. He is also one who stated Widmore has been looking for the island for 20 years (a lie Widmore was also telling himself last week OR WAS HE) which we now know to be false from the last episode because of the purge being in 1992, so it couldn't of been more than 14/ 15. Which means he is part of this lie if it is one. (Though I do have some crazy ideas on what that actually means, which could be wrong which is why I mention it here to disprove my nutty ideas, that I will put in a different post ”why is Desmond special) But mostly, I find him untrustworthy because of the simple fact of why he is even sent on this mission that bothers me most about him, and of course the opening statement to Ben.

We know Ben saw his Mother on the island, we hear whispers and they could be the dead or they could be the others projecting themselves, or even hiding in tunnels. But is the island really a land of the dead? Or was Widmore anticipating a pile of bodies that Miles would have to communicate with? What was his purpose in putting Miles on the boat, and why him? I believe Widmore had to know Miles came from the Island.

Miles however does not seem to be fully aware of this and also does not seem overwhelmingly loyal to Widmore since he was willing to sell Ben his own freedom, I am just not convinced the price is to be taken literally. But since he does know whom Ben is, and what he can do then where does he get this information? The dead? Or does he know things from Widmore, or Ben himself. I am not convinced Ben has not turned that wheel before and I think has done some of this already.

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