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What Kate Does (episode 6.03)

What Kate Does (episode 6.03)

What does Kate do during this episode? She runs a lot, she runs from the cops in X, and runs after Sawyer and away from the Temple. She also takes care of Claire, which is also something she has done in past. Kate is a complex character, she is someone who has been incredibly selfish with her actions, following people when told not to, not thinking about how that might adversely affect them, trying to get on the boat by persuading Sun to poison Jin. But she has also been very unselfish in her “bad choices” also. The whole reason she is on the run is because she was “taking care of her mom”. She got caught in Australia when she could have gotten away by making sure the farmer wasn’t in his truck after it had crashed and was to explode, despite him turning her in for the reward. And in X, she went back for Claire after she realized the woman she hijacked things belonged to a soon to be mom. And if she was really a horrible person, I don’t think she would of thought twice about the items in that bag, or Claries picture or Aarons whale. Which by the way, I wondered if she recognized since it was the same whale Aaron had when she was his mommy. I still can see Aaron standing there holding his whale when Jack in a drunken rage yelled at Kate and said she wasn’t even related to him, Thanks Jack, yet another moment where I am reminded of what a huge dick you are.

Though this episode to me wasn’t as interesting or action packed as other episodes, it was still necessary since they spent a great deal of time showing the connection between Kate and Claire. It was interesting to see how Claire just trusts Kate no matter what, even when Claire doesn’t know Kate, and Kate hijacks her cab and has just held a gun to her head. If Kate was insecure about whether Claire would want her to raise Aaron, she shouldn’t be, I don’t think Claire would have it any other way.


We also learned that Sayid was dead, and is now allegedly infected. Probably the same way Roussous crew was infected, and how Claire is now according to Dogan. I got a huge kick out of Jack swallowing that pill, it was a nice piece of Drama that the others didn’t see coming. But we still don’t know too much about this infection except that once it reaches their heart (how clich├ęd) they will no longer be the person anyone knew. A darkness growing in them, is this related to the dark territory on the island? Who did this happen to in Dharma, is this why they wore the hazmat suits and took inoculations of a vaccine for an illness they never explained?

30 years later

Sawyer leaves the temple to go back to his former home with Juliet to dig up a box he had buried in the floor boards. In it was a ring he was going to give to her to propose marriage, Sawyer of all things was really happy about settling down, but sadly believes maybe he is suppose to be alone, and tosses the ring into the lagoon. That was all very heart retching and all but what I really noticed was the fact that the box was actually there, now the rest of dharma-town makes a bit more sense.

Introducing Ethan Goodspeed

Ethan is still a doctor, an OBGYM, but no longer has the last name of Rom, but rather that of his parents, Horace and Amy. A lot less creepy too, but I have to say when he turned around, still kind of creepy. Interesting that in X he was still taking care of Claire. Wonder if he will get all infatuated with her, who knows maybe he will be the new Charlie in X…or maybe Charlie will be her Charlie?


One of the continuing themes in this show is the poor communication skills of our characters. Many times I have noticed if they just asked this or that, maybe there wouldn’t be a need to blow up so many things, run away, or shoot so many people. Finally Jack is demanding answers, but acknowledging they are not going to give them up.

Mind games and Free will

It seems there is this unwritten or possibly written rule about requiring the losties to make choices on their own, except it almost is never on their own. They are normally being manipulated for the outcome to be what the others want it to be; giving them a false idea they have a choice. Maybe that is what Free will really is, a false illusion that we do make choices when really there is a destiny involved that is pulling our strings. I don’t believe this with everything, I think this is what lazy people believe or those that do not want to take responsibility for themselves and their choices.


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