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Whatever Happened, Happened and you have to embrace those Choices. (5.11)

Whatever Happened, Happened and you have to embrace those Choices. (5.11)

This past episode brought up a lot about choices and feeling like you don’t have one. Destiny versus Free will. Sawyer points out that living with Little Ben Linus was what he had to do. Seriously where was he going to go, on the sub back to the 70’s? And Ben so kindly pointed out to Sayid that he is killer but its not his fault, he simply had no choice at all. It’s who he is. Frankly, something that is not really a good choice is still a choice. Free will and Destiny are very intertwined on this show, and in life.

We also see the opposite of not having any real choice, with Jack making a choice to no longer try to fix everything. His new attitude is to not make any choices, which is still making one. Of course he did nothing about his stubbornness, but one step at a time. We also saw Kate make a choice about leaving Aaron with Claire’s mum. Hard as it was, she had many options, one being to not even go back, yet she does. How unlike her… no I take that back, she gets to run again, and that is what she does best. Now back in the 70’s she has taken on Jack’s role of fixing things, maybe they are more alike then even they thought.

One thing to remember with this show is, they normally do not reveal the big mystery first, and usually it starts backwards. When we found out Kate was a fugitive we basically saw that story backwards before we saw what she did. In fact I think the episode revealing it was called What Kate Did in season 2. So I have no doubt, that all this TT has a beginning, which we all know. We know Widmore turned the wheel before, and we know Dharma was doing experiments, hell the season opener was the day they discovered the wheel. But I wouldn’t count on seeing how the wheel got there until they go over the other 2 parts. I am guessing that when Widmore turned that wheel, it affected the time line then, and I have no doubt part of the rules Ben broke have to do with TT. He simply knows too much, and he has the ability to give Miles 3.2 million dollars anyway.

We could still find that this is all because of them being in the 70’s, I am just certain, in the world of LOST, they would not just hand us the answer to anything, and they want us to think it is one way, it will be way more dramatic to have a big reveal later. Most excellent movies have had that twist at the end where it changed what you thought you saw and you have to go back and watch it again. This show just does that more often, and they do it throughout the seasons. It’s a great way to get people to want to watch it again, buy the DVDs etc. And I am not putting that down. Only way I will buy a DVD is because I will watch it more than once.

One thing is for sure with me, I remember when we first saw Jack at the funeral and we didn’t know who was in the coffin. My very first guess, was John Locke, followed by Ben and Michael. I was right about that, but I was also wrong with how he got there. My first thoughts were the animosity between Jack and him, and how he never wanted to leave the island. So I thought, maybe he leaves, is back in a wheel chair and is miserable and kills himself. As it turns out, that was actually true, but not in the context that I thought. Seriously who saw the giant wheel being part of it later when we saw the end of season 3??

Destiny is always about not having any choice in the matter, and free will is always about making choices. Both ideas are expressed in this episode; all this TT stuff just helps a person solidify how they feel. And to quote Rush, if you choose not to decide you still make a choice.

Destiny is the lazy way, to quote John Locke when sawyer asked about lowering him down the well. “ Where is the fun in that?” I personally choose Free will.

What I get from Miles and Hurley

Hurley to me has always been the voice of the common guy, with common sense. He generally is the one who is more rational actually then anyone else. Most of them do not usually embrace Hurley’s opinions’, which really are Hurley’s own fault. His biggest flaw is his lack of belief in himself. He was institutionalized because of it, instead of thinking that the deck would of collapsed whether or not he stepped onto it, he thought it was because of his size. Instead of looking at winning the lottery as being lucky, he thought it was those numbers and now bad things happen because of him. I have no doubt Hurley was a genetically chubby kid, who would likely have a larger build, but his lack of belief in himself manifests in an addiction to food, and self-medicating himself with it. What he hates, he has become. Also, a common theme on lost.

Miles to me is not a dummy or anything, but he really thinks he is smarter then he is. He is not as cute a name caller as Sawyer (and I don’t mean physically) and feels the need to put people down to build himself up. He has gone about demanding things as opposed to asking, Take me to Naomi, Where is Linus. We don’t know as much about him as Hurley either, but my overall opinion of him, is he needs a few more people skills. He seems to have regurgitated Faradays theories but not because he understands them, he is just stating them without knowing why. Where, Hurley is more worried about the ramifications.

That conversation is so typical of what people in the audience would be sharing with each other. I would bet they are both wrong, but they both have some parts of it right. I do think whatever happened as in the events are what they are. Ben was always taken to the temple, but how he got there was not necessarily from Kate & Sawyer and because of Sayid’s gun. I think it’s rather unlikely that Sayid has been predetermined to be there to shoot Ben. I find that they made each other into the men they are regardless more interesting. It still shows how things influence and nurture each other. Sayid was not originally planned to be on that flight, and if he was predetermined to be there it would have been set up as so, since the police could of just as easily set it up as that flight. Only because Sayid wanted to get his friends body was he on that flight. So what a long way to go, get on the island live there for over 100 days, oops you left, that wasn’t suppose to happen, hey now it takes you 3 years to get back there. Do not get eaten by bears, smoke monsters or shot by others. Just seems like an unnecessarily long road for something that already happened 30 years ago.

So I take it just as Eloise explained it and as we have seen with Charlie’s near death experiences / final destination. It was Charlie’s path to die, but Desmond interfered with it, which did lead to other events that Charlie touched. We can still respect what Daniel said, yes things that have happened always have happened. Does this mean Sawyer was always Lafluer in Dharma? No, it does not have to mean that literally. Perhaps Phil was the Head of Security and Little Ben was shot accidentally because of it before. I even think its possible Amy is an undercover Other, its possible the Ankh necklace she took off of Paul was once hers and she was turning away from the others because of her husband. Could also explain her eagerness to kill Sayid, because she knows he’s not one of them. Maybe they were coming to take her back, and the losties have interfered with it, she can still wind up with them, and we know Ethan winds up there.

Only time will tell.

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