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The Light House (6.05) Recap & Analysis

The Light House (6.05) Recap & Analysis

“You would think we would have seen all these massive structures” my sister to me during this weeks episode.

This must be one big ass island with the way things just appear and disappear even without us really noticing. Or are all our characters so self-absorbed that they just don’t notice planes flying over head dropping off supplies, and big lighthouses sitting down beach? All and all, great episode that featured Jack in the flash sideways (which BTW is in the same order as season one so far). And of course created new questions, while it answered little.

As Fake Locke told Sawyer last week, Jacob sure did have a thing for numbers, this time degrees on the dial, and a magic mirror that shows us the coordinating persons house. Thanks Jack for being a selfish jerk and breaking the mirror, Hurley didn’t get to see his house.

Meet the new crazy woman missing her baby, same as the old crazy woman missing her baby

As we found out at the end of last week’s episode Claire is still on the island, can’t really say if she is alive or not. I am leaning towards her being one of the undead, maybe this IS zombie season? In her tent she had the usual Rousseau items, guns, dynamite, and cradle with fake baby. The cradle was not the same one Locke had made her, but it did hold a handmade item, Wilson from Castaway but as a baby. And besides the “baby “she is not alone, her dad and “friend” apparently are over for tea and cookies all the time. I have to say she good at being creepy, I was waiting for her to just knock that others head clean off. So when she put the ax in him, I wasn’t as surprised as Jin was. Same goes for when Fake Locke just dropped by.

Jack has a memory problem?

This week’s flash-sideways are of Jack, who so far seems to be the only one with memory loss. He may have remembered he had a son, but didn’t remember him playing the piano or his appendix being taken out at a young age. Or did he just wonder if he had a dream about being on a deserted island were two good looking chicks took it out? His memory loss even appears to have erased any possible issues he may have with his son and their relationship. His son seemed concerned about Jack’s approval of his piano playing and distant to him. But Jack seems genuinely surprised by this fact and in no way wants their relationship to be like his was with his father.

Hurley and Jacks little adventure

It was nice having Hurley and Jack going through the jungle, the jungle itself just seems so much brighter than it was before. They run into Kate ( who was not invited even though Jacob touched her in the past) as she is refilling her bottle of water, which by the way was what she was doing at the barracks when we last saw her. She was going off to find Claire, by herself in the jungle. She wished Jack well in an uncharacteristic way and off she went, not fearing Smokie I guess. Jack and Hurley’s next stop was by the caves where we revisit with Adam and Eve from early season one. Hurley runs some theory about them being Adam and Eve. Back when the island was skipping through time and it stopped in 1954 and they were all being attacked on the beach by the others, I had wondered then if it was possible that those two skeletons where from this incident. Jack reminds us he was following his dad who “wasn’t really there” back in season one (White Rabbit). And now I wonder, was he following his dad, or was he following Fake Locke, before he was in Locke? Is there more than one smoke monster? Are they all smoke monsters maybe, or have the ability to be them (the undead)? For his dad or Smokey whoever it was, did also lead him to where there was necessary water and shelter. So, whoever it was, did want to keep them alive.

Black and White

There has been a motif of black and white in this show since the very first episode when Locke explains the rules of backgammon to Walt. “One side light, one side dark”. But there were a few more this episode with the piano, the cookies David was eating (Milano’s…love them) the finding of Adam and Eve to remind us of those black and white stones again. Which I do believe Jack had put in his pocket at the time, wonder what he did with them?

Answers are given….sort of

Overall it was a good, low impact episode. I laugh every week when they tell us that answers are being given, and the time for questions is over. So what was answered? There is a magic lighthouse that Jacob could see into the lives of those on the magic wheel, Claire is crazy and has been living out in the jungle but not alone, and we learned more about Jack in the other storyline but that created new questions. Did he really forget about surgery he had as a child? Is David’s mother Jack's former wife? Does Dogen have any memory of Jack? Why is Jack special? How did the light house work, was he looking into their past, present, or future, or a parallel time? I guess as usual, we will have to wait until next week to find out more.

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The Substitute (6.04) Recap and Analysis

The Substitute (6.04) Recap and Analysis

“The time for questions is over, answers given” Lost commercials tell us

“Well that’s not true; we just spent 45 minutes arguing about things we agree on.” My sister said to me during this week’s episodes. And it is true, as masterful as always, LOST has answered some questions, but with more and more new questions. Sure we are seeing what happened to Locke in the X universe, but because we are seeing it, there are new questions on how it worked out between him and Helen and is he in the wheel chair for a different reason? It also brought up some new questions about the strange kid that was spooking FLocke, and when did those names appear in the cave? After they were on the island or before? And why was Kate’s name not on there?

It was nice to see that in the X universe, Locke is with Helen. We know the reason they broke up before was because of his inability to let go of what his Dad did to him (steal his kidney and push him out an eight story window leading to his paralysis, you know not the kind of stuff easy to get over, but certainly worth getting over) I wonder then what caused his “irreversible” condition now?

Hurley and Locke’s paths intersect when Hurley’s HUGE car is parked too close to Locke’s car. Preventing Locke from getting his ramp down so he can get in his car. We knew in the other universe Hurley owned Locke’s company this time we get to see them interact, and Hurley does seem much more confident and happy here, just how you would expect him to be since he is such a genuine guy. At least here things make sense a bit. Hurley gives John the phone number of his temp agency he owns after John lets him know he just got fired by that douche bag Randy Nations. Don’t you just wish you could tell Locke, that in an alternate universe Randy is working at a Chicken Shack that gets blown up but a meteor?

Rose intersects with Locke also; she is the office supervisor of the Temp Company that Hurley sent Locke to. She gently tells Locke to focus on the things he can do, which I guess is the positive to being told what you can’t do. She gets him set up as a substitute teacher (nice easter egg on studying the human reproductive system…as chapter 4)

We also got to see some Ben Linus (European history) in the X universe, one where he is a teacher, and still kind of pompous but that was really all we know. That he drinks coffee but likes Tea, and does not like having to clean up after other people.

“Who are you, because sure is hell aren’t John Locke.”

Didn’t take Sawyer but 5 minutes to realize FLocke is not the real Locke, unlike Ben, Richard and Sun who just spent the past few days with him. Sawyer immediately picked up on the lack of fear that was running through Locke, even when he was “pretending he wasn’t”. The John Locke we have known and loved was a believer, a man of faith, and a much better man than Ben will ever be (and he is very sorry he murdered him) They still keep showing us John’s body, and not sure if that means anything besides a reminder, at least now he is buried, thanks to Sun. Weirdest funeral ever. Locke in the X world seems to not be much of “believer” Helen seems to believe in miracles and signs (she was even wearing a shirt that had the word Karma written on it). She was excited about the fact that Locke ran into Jack. But Locke here does not seem too convinced.

Don’t tell Locke what he can’t do…either of them

Sawyer could see the spooky kid, that to me resembles Jacob, and it also seems this kid, spooks FLocke. He only says one thing to FLocke, which was to remind him he can’t kill “him”. Which we assume he is referring to Sawyer. While Locke is off chasing the “invisible boy” Richard comes out to warn Sawyer, because he believes FLocke wants him and everyone Sawyer cares about to be dead. Sawyer is suspicious of him and all FLocke can manage to tell him is he is trapped and he use to be a man…so what is he now?? He is a who? We know he can normally change his face, but now he is stuck this way.

Down “Jacobs” Ladder

FLocke and Sawyer climb down a shaky old ladder off a big cliff that goes to some hidden caves, which had ,multiple broken ladders all hanging there. In the Cave we see the familiar black and white stones on the scales completely balanced. Locke takes the white one and tosses it in the ocean and tell us it’s an inside joke. I think Jacob represented the white stone, and now FLocke has shifted the balance.

Inside the cave there are many names written down, most are crossed off. FLocke tells us this is why they are all here. Jacob is looking for a candidate to replace him as the protector of the island. Sawyer can choose to do nothing and see how things play out, he can accept his nomination, or he can run away to go home with Flock. Which he wants to do, but I we don’t know exactly what that involves; since he didn’t bother to explain his stake in all this, why bother showing Sawyer anything. He is not just being friendly

On the wall we saw some of the names of our castaways with very familiar numbers. But since they were last names, it is not completely clear who they go to.

4- Locke
8- Reyes
15- Ford (sawyer)
16- Jarah
23- Shephard
42- Kwon

Didn’t see any of Kate’s names, we know Jacob touched her also, as he touched all of them if we are referring to the Shephard being Jack. It should be interesting to see what happens from here. Did Kate go back to the temple? Where will Sawyer and FLocke head to next? Next week’s episode shows Hurley taking Jack somewhere for Jacob and is titled The Light House.

LA X Recap and Analysis ( 6.01 & 6.02)

LA X (episode 6.01, 6.02) Los Angeles the Variable and Alternate Reality

After a long eight-month wait, LOST was back to its mind bending flair this past Tuesday night. We were last left off with our groups in two different times. In 2008 we have a “fake Locke”, Ben, Sun, Frank, Richard and the Others, and our Shadow people gathering by the statue to find out what the heck is going on with Fake Locke; who was just busy getting Ben to kill Jacob. Over by the Swan and in 1977 are heroes Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Kate, Sayid, Miles, Jin and the very injured and brave Juliet were trying to change the course of time with one Hydrogen bomb. This episode begun with where we left off at the end of season five, and after a big flash and a slightly different sounding whoosh we are aboard Oceanic 815 once again. In brilliant fashion LOST has managed to get us lost again with the new Flash Sideways story telling. With the desire of following both paths, the producers decided to delight and confuse us this season by exploring both situations, the continuing story on the island and alternative to what would happen after the detonation of the bomb. The title of the episode LA X was stated by Darlton as being done intentionally and was not just a typo. In most comics, the letter X represents an altered reality. And knowing what big comic fans they are, I would assume this is the meaning behind the X.

This two part episode was loaded with irony and numerous life and death themes. Juliet is believed to be dead, is alive, and then dies. And not even being a Juliet or Suliet fan, I still found it painfully sad, she was a damn hero! Who knew? Poor Sawyer, that guy needs a big hug. Sayid is near death and is brought to the dirty waters of the temple to save his life, then dies, and then is alive. John Locke is discovered by Ben to be truly dead; the fake Locke retells Locke’s last thoughts before he died as being sadly he “didn’t understand.” Fake Locke also lets us know he is the smoke monster, right after he kills about four people. We discover Jacob is indeed dead, by appearing to Hurley and giving him some instructions to save Sayid. Jacob has seemed to have gone out of his way to bring Sayid back to the island, for reasons not known at this point. And aboard 815 X Charlie stops breathing (again) and Jack revives him (again) and then Charlie tells Jack he was supposed to die, well some people don’t know how to say thank you.

There was a lot of irony on the plane to LAX, Boone telling John he was “pulling his leg”, right before he tells John that if the plane went down he would follow him, which in our original timeline led to his death; Jack needing comfort from Rose when he previously gave her comfort; and the fact Jack tells Locke “nothing is irreversible” about his paralysis, and this whole X reality exists because of Jack’s new belief in this idea. All of which beautifully tangles itself, continuing the circle of life.

I have entertained a crazy scenario that what we have been watching was an altered past, following a story line of what happened as a result of someone messing with the cosmic flow of the “islands universe”. I wonder now, could the reason Eloise keeps saying god help us all, and they keep saying they have to “save the island” is because of the sinking of the island in some other universe?

But perhaps I am over-thinking it. Some facts I do know are the following based on what the producers have stated.

1- The Flash Sideways is to show what would happen from Juliet successfully detonating the bomb
2- Fake Locke is the Smoke monster, but the Man in Black is NOT fake Locke, and thus not the smoke monster.
3- Jack, Sawyer and crew are now in the same time as Sun and Frank and group which should be early 2008

So since they said the Man In Black is NOT Fake Locke, then I am wondering if Jacob was always talking to the smoke monster. Since the MIB and him were discussing loopholes, and when Jacob sees him he says “guess you found your loophole”. So did the smoke monster eat the man in black and then impersonate him to Jacob??? Some other things I wonder are, Who lies in the shadow of the statue? I know its “ who will save us all”, but right now it looks like it could be Locke, well I suppose if a shadow could even be cast there since the statue remaining is just a foot, with 4 toes.

Widmore had stated there was a war coming and that he wanted to make sure Locke stayed alive because he needed him on the island. Braum had said to Miles the same type of thing about a war coming and they told him Widmore was the wrong side, and they were on the side that was going to win. They work for Jacob, they say they are the “good Guys” but we have been reminded a few times that usually the people who say they are the good guys, aren’t. Jacob seems like a nice enough guy, but I was never really a big believer that the Others were good guys. But one thing we should have learned by now, is that what is good and what is bad is not so clear cut. Good and bad exist because of each other and together often in people, the fact these people are having a war though may not be so much about what is right or what is wrong, so what the heck is it about? What is war good for, absolutely nothing…say it again.

Since we can’t be sure of the things we aren’t sure of, let’s pick apart the things we can see with our own eyes. 815 X had the following differences, along with it not crashing.

1- Jack only received one bottle of vodka
2- Jack seemed not so confident about flying, and Rose comforted him
3- Desmond is on the plane
4- No Michael, Walt, Shannon, and no knowledge about the tallies or if Claire is pregnant
5- Hurley said he is lucky ( maybe he is was being sarcastic though, Locke also told Boone he went on a walkabout)
6- Jack seemed confused by a small cut on his neck
7- Sun and Jin may not be married since the customs official when talking to Sun referred to her as Ms. Paik, her maiden name

Some Similarities
1- Jack saved Charlie, along with help from Sayid
2- Boone would follow Locke
3- Kate is still a fugitive and has a thing for running
4- Locke is still in a wheel chair
5- Hurley won the lottery
6- Jacks Dad is still dead and he was in Australia for the same reason
7- His body is still missing also
8- Sayid is looking for Nadia, has the same picture

One of the things that will likely become clearer over the weeks is why some of them were on the plane; did Abandon still go to meet Locke to tell him about the walkabout, what would be the point of that since there is no longer an island for Locke to land on? Did Walt’s Mom not die? Is sawyer a con-man? Where Rose and Bernard in Australia because of her cancer, or does she not have it? What is interesting is their lives are still going to be intertwined in some way, maybe not in the same ways as before. Also, we will get an idea to see which version is better. I firmly believe though, the island adventure has given them all the ability to grow as people, and even if the events were horrible they endured, they somehow seemed better for it. Those that left did not necessarily find their salvation, in the end Locke tried to kill himself, and Ben helped him fulfill his destiny. Jack developed an addiction problem and trust issues with Kate, Sun was left to raise her baby alone but did stand up to her dad, but was ready to commit murder to avenge her husband’s death. Sayid did reunite with Nadia only to lose her again, and well Kate seemed to grow up, learn to be less selfish but was living a lie and in the end wanted to put things right.

The circle of life continues, the final chapter.


What Kate Does (episode 6.03)

What Kate Does (episode 6.03)

What does Kate do during this episode? She runs a lot, she runs from the cops in X, and runs after Sawyer and away from the Temple. She also takes care of Claire, which is also something she has done in past. Kate is a complex character, she is someone who has been incredibly selfish with her actions, following people when told not to, not thinking about how that might adversely affect them, trying to get on the boat by persuading Sun to poison Jin. But she has also been very unselfish in her “bad choices” also. The whole reason she is on the run is because she was “taking care of her mom”. She got caught in Australia when she could have gotten away by making sure the farmer wasn’t in his truck after it had crashed and was to explode, despite him turning her in for the reward. And in X, she went back for Claire after she realized the woman she hijacked things belonged to a soon to be mom. And if she was really a horrible person, I don’t think she would of thought twice about the items in that bag, or Claries picture or Aarons whale. Which by the way, I wondered if she recognized since it was the same whale Aaron had when she was his mommy. I still can see Aaron standing there holding his whale when Jack in a drunken rage yelled at Kate and said she wasn’t even related to him, Thanks Jack, yet another moment where I am reminded of what a huge dick you are.

Though this episode to me wasn’t as interesting or action packed as other episodes, it was still necessary since they spent a great deal of time showing the connection between Kate and Claire. It was interesting to see how Claire just trusts Kate no matter what, even when Claire doesn’t know Kate, and Kate hijacks her cab and has just held a gun to her head. If Kate was insecure about whether Claire would want her to raise Aaron, she shouldn’t be, I don’t think Claire would have it any other way.


We also learned that Sayid was dead, and is now allegedly infected. Probably the same way Roussous crew was infected, and how Claire is now according to Dogan. I got a huge kick out of Jack swallowing that pill, it was a nice piece of Drama that the others didn’t see coming. But we still don’t know too much about this infection except that once it reaches their heart (how clich├ęd) they will no longer be the person anyone knew. A darkness growing in them, is this related to the dark territory on the island? Who did this happen to in Dharma, is this why they wore the hazmat suits and took inoculations of a vaccine for an illness they never explained?

30 years later

Sawyer leaves the temple to go back to his former home with Juliet to dig up a box he had buried in the floor boards. In it was a ring he was going to give to her to propose marriage, Sawyer of all things was really happy about settling down, but sadly believes maybe he is suppose to be alone, and tosses the ring into the lagoon. That was all very heart retching and all but what I really noticed was the fact that the box was actually there, now the rest of dharma-town makes a bit more sense.

Introducing Ethan Goodspeed

Ethan is still a doctor, an OBGYM, but no longer has the last name of Rom, but rather that of his parents, Horace and Amy. A lot less creepy too, but I have to say when he turned around, still kind of creepy. Interesting that in X he was still taking care of Claire. Wonder if he will get all infatuated with her, who knows maybe he will be the new Charlie in X…or maybe Charlie will be her Charlie?


One of the continuing themes in this show is the poor communication skills of our characters. Many times I have noticed if they just asked this or that, maybe there wouldn’t be a need to blow up so many things, run away, or shoot so many people. Finally Jack is demanding answers, but acknowledging they are not going to give them up.

Mind games and Free will

It seems there is this unwritten or possibly written rule about requiring the losties to make choices on their own, except it almost is never on their own. They are normally being manipulated for the outcome to be what the others want it to be; giving them a false idea they have a choice. Maybe that is what Free will really is, a false illusion that we do make choices when really there is a destiny involved that is pulling our strings. I don’t believe this with everything, I think this is what lazy people believe or those that do not want to take responsibility for themselves and their choices.


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SOME LIKE IT HOTH Recap (5.13)

SOME LIKE IT HOTH Recap (5.13)

Chang - “Miles I need you.” Miles – “You do?” I have to say after these lines I was filled with both pity for Miles for the obvious breaking of his voice, and glee for the same reason. Big tough Miles who doesn’t care about his dad, suddenly choked up by the fact he needs him. Beautiful!

This episode was Miles centric, showing us some of his backstory of him off the island, dealing with his gift, his first meeting with Naomi, and his fish taco hitting the payment when being picked up by van full of Shadow people. His backstory, atfirst didn’t seem like it was necessary until you look closer. When he is being auditioned by Naomi we learned the dead body was on his way to Widmore with some intel. Intel we previously were lead to believe was something Widmore did, that he staged the plane crash. Alteast that’s what Ben wanted us to think. But now, I am not so sure, and you shouldn’t be either. Naomi also painted a picture of Ben being a mass murderer and the dead would basically be all around throughout the island for Miles to communicate with to help locate Ben. Though, they never did need him for that. Ironically, his big dead people moment was with talking to Naomi’s body.

We also have a better appreciation of Miles “powers” which Hurleys is better. That he can basically hear a persons final thoughts. Kinda like a residual haunting, I wonder if Hurley deals more with Intelligent hauntings, which is a better power. Maybe he needs special equipment for that, I think he had some kind of dustbuster looking thing that he turned on when he was talking to that woman’s grandson in the “confirmed dead” flashbacks.

Miles looses his fish taco, but he could be enlightened. He doesn’t seem too interested in that. Now the whole 3.2 million mystery is solved, somehow that one was a little disappointing, though funny. Just to show not every mystery has to be something big.

So what does lye in the Shadow of the Statue..Jimmy Hoffa? Sand? Hasn’t the statue been gone for a long time so there would not be ashadow to cast for a while?

The Daddy issue continues, Miles was one we didn’t know much about so we didn’t see if he had one or not, and as certain as communication lacks on LOST, anotherone bites the dust. This leaves Juliet now, otherwise I believe we have seen everyones back stories with all there glorious daddy issues. We also got more of reminder of how Roger is a jerk, more so from drinking, and this reminded me of how Jack and Ben have something in common after all. Well something besides having to control everything.

THE VARIABLE (5.14) recap


“ Oh Stop thinking about whether or not it makes sense, and start asking yourself if you believe its going to work” Eloise to Jack Episode : 316 (5:06)

This statement has grabbed me as the writers talking to us the viewers, for I do believe its going to work, and yes a lot of it does not make sense because we do not have all of the information. I have often said, they have named this show correctly. Infact, the one Constant in LOST is being well, lost. We are lost, because so much of what we have seen, does not fully match up with what we are seeing. The incident was always refered to something that happened after the experiments began, and the computer could some how lead to another one. But now we know the incident is when they drill into the ground, the station is not built yet. Perhaps Pierre was concerned someone would crash or break the computer, resulting in the numbers not being pushed. Still, no experiments have begun, they were still digging.

The idea that our Lost pals have always been in dharma, because the wheel was predestined to turn in 2004, thus adding them to various places of the timeline, and mostly in Dharma in the 70’s, seems weak to me. Makes it too easy, and were nothing would have to be explained, whatever happened happened man. Don’t understand why Sun’s not in the 70;s…cause she never was. Dan knocks on the Swan door to talk to Desmond and even though Des does not know Faraday in 2004, its what happened dude, he just forgot. Richard and the others treating these people who crash on their island like animals, they like doing that! They are just big assholes! Somehow I hoped for something more out of them, but maybe they are just huge asses. Sayid always shot ben, that’s why Bens such an asshole. Sure, why not, so the island also knew Sawyer was going to grow up and be a better man? It also knew Kate and Jack would evolve how they have? Not likely, and if it does know these things, they better blow it up.

Dan though, he will forever be in this loop. All his life being not his own, to be shot by his own mother, to be born and so on and so on.

Inconsistencies with Locke’s converstations with Jack and Walt. 2 Ben’s in the Tunisa desert, Ben and Eloise knowing so many things up until a certain point ( 2008),

So the big question is why do the O6 have to return? Where they truly never suppose to leave? On one hand it seems that Ben, Richard, and Eloise knew the islands wheel would be turned and would send the Losties skipping down the yellow brick road of time, and then landing in that 70’s show. So they knew they would be there, since they seen them there before. They must be instrumental in the Incident at the Swan station from being actually buried in concrete otherwise the island would of blown up or been destroyed somehow.

On the other hand

Contridiction : Dan states they are variables, they have free will, make choices, this is their present. Anyone of them can die, he didn’t have a scar on his neck from the bullet grazing him. Why was it important for him to be there? He now plans to blow up the EMF with the bomb, destroying it. Dan also states this is their present, which means they never were there before. ( but if you think they always did this then separate/future versions of themselves would have been, but that seems pointless ) The whole point being they are variables, meaning they were never there. However, Eloise seems to know this was going to happen, the wheel would turn and they would be sent to the 70’s. Maybe that part happened before??

So one way to consider the WHH theory is that Sun was suppose to leave but not everyone else. Only her, and the rest were to come back. To do what the Island had predeterimed was going to happen from the 50’s on. The island would of known the wheel was to be turned and future versions of these people did what we saw when it happened to them in 2004. Which if that is the case, then how does 2 versions exist in one line and where is the future one that was always there when they TT? So is it really one line, or is it something else that explains that.

When 54 happened, 74,77, 88 ect where they all interacted with what we saw, for it to be the same Time line, it would be them from 2004 ( some of them were not born yet) so those things happened on the island before they were there to TT to make them happen. Ok, so when they do TT, and we are saying it is the same time line, then they already exist in that time line just like everyone they interact with. So now there would be them plus them. because they just went there to witness it all again. OR is this the first time

Miles, Miles, Miles...pre-cap for episode 5.13

"Don’t treat me like I am one of them, like I don’t know who you are or what you can do" Miles to Ben

This upcoming episode appears to be Miles centric, and when thinking about Miles I think of his own version of Sawyerisms “ great they sent another Sawyer”, and this statement he made to Ben early in season 4.

We don’t know too much about Miles. We know he “talks to dead people”, he is from Encino, he is a bit cranky, he thought Naomi was hot, and he has been to the island previously for a longer period of time then Sawyer, and Juliet but not as long as Charlotte. (He was the second one to get the nose bleeds.) We know Widmore selected him for a reason, he was hand selected like Charlotte, and Faraday. We also know Miles attempted to get Ben to give him 3.2 million dollars and he would just tell Widmore he was dead. I am not sure how he was going to pull that off anyway, did he really think he would just go up to Kearmy and just say, oh yeah he is dead, ok we can go now. I always thought there was something funny about that amount of money, as Ben said why 3.2 and not 3.3 or 3.4?

Miles has grabbed me as mostly untrustworthy, not just because of this but also from his initial meeting with Michael aboard the freighter. He joked with him that his real name wasn’t Kevin, and added 80% of them there was lying about something. Which would likely include him or he would be the ignorant 20% that didn’t know lying was going on. We know he talks to dead people, which, could mean he is also psychic, (this is the case for Allison Dubois of Medium) but somehow I doubt it. He seems to have a generally poor attitude “Wow you’re the survivors of 815” and his name-calling is less endearing then Sawyer. He is also one who stated Widmore has been looking for the island for 20 years (a lie Widmore was also telling himself last week OR WAS HE) which we now know to be false from the last episode because of the purge being in 1992, so it couldn't of been more than 14/ 15. Which means he is part of this lie if it is one. (Though I do have some crazy ideas on what that actually means, which could be wrong which is why I mention it here to disprove my nutty ideas, that I will put in a different post ”why is Desmond special) But mostly, I find him untrustworthy because of the simple fact of why he is even sent on this mission that bothers me most about him, and of course the opening statement to Ben.

We know Ben saw his Mother on the island, we hear whispers and they could be the dead or they could be the others projecting themselves, or even hiding in tunnels. But is the island really a land of the dead? Or was Widmore anticipating a pile of bodies that Miles would have to communicate with? What was his purpose in putting Miles on the boat, and why him? I believe Widmore had to know Miles came from the Island.

Miles however does not seem to be fully aware of this and also does not seem overwhelmingly loyal to Widmore since he was willing to sell Ben his own freedom, I am just not convinced the price is to be taken literally. But since he does know whom Ben is, and what he can do then where does he get this information? The dead? Or does he know things from Widmore, or Ben himself. I am not convinced Ben has not turned that wheel before and I think has done some of this already.

DEAD IS DEAD – Something is Rotten in the Jungle of Mystery (5.12)

DEAD IS DEAD – Something is Rotten in the Jungle of Mystery (5.12)

More then any other character Charles Widmore seems to have an ever-changing personality. First he is an egomaniacal over protective father to Desmond in

“Flashes before your eyes”, next in “The Constant” he is a bit kinder, by giving Des. Penny’s address, and telling him, he is not the one that hates him. In Sun’s Flash back he is a typical rich guy exchanging pleasantries but “will be respected”, In Locke's he is a peaceful kind of guy almost Zen like with his attitude and bed-side manner to Locke, and to Ben he is a baby killer.

So who is the real Charles Widmore? We know that he could not be a super nice guy since Penny will have nothing to do with him, however, one person’s perspective can shift him from an over protective father type, wanting respect, to a man who kills women and children.

Also thought it interesting that Ben saw that as so twisted he couldn’t bring himself to do it, but the extermination of Dharma, shooting John Locke, all in a days work.

Ben also has had his ups and downs on the morality roller coaster. This episode we see a more human side with how he obtained Alex. He didn’t even look like he was ready to kill Danielle, though young Ethan seemed all ready. I was glad to see some compassion when he saw young Charlie, and couldn’t put him through his life without his mother, like Ben had. Reminded me of how sad little Ben was when he ran away and was running through the jungle looking for his mom. Of course this also reminds me of how he ran into a very ragged looking Richard. Who seemed to have gotten a makeover from that point and the following year when Sawyer and Co. showed up, or did it just seem that way.

The largest part of this episode was about Judgment, mostly Ben’s being judged by the smoke monster, and him judging himself for the death of his daughter. Who he was responsible for, and as he was waiting to be judged I wasn’t convinced Smokie was going to eat him, but I began to feel his time ticking away. For this was the first episode where I generally cared about Ben’s feelings, more so than before. When he saw “Alex”, his grief was barely escaping his mouth to address her. So consumed, he may not of realized it wasn’t her. For as pissed as she would have a right to be, I doubt she would tell him she would destroy him. But Smokie, would.

Locke was forgiving of Ben, and seemed to know what he was doing (again) for no real reason. Nice to have some things not change. What was he doing while they were waiting on Ben’s porch for Smokie?

Role reversal was a big part of Dead is Dead, and now we have seen Locke and Ben switch roles to some degree with Locke leading Ben, and Ben being in the dark. As well as how Ben was much like Locke when Charles was there, and ultimately how Ben became just like Charles. “He’s a really horrible person” hmmm who else is like that. Though I was glad he could not bring himself to shoot penny in front of her son. Even though why he reconsidered had nothing to do with her.

But the biggest mystery or question to me is about when Charles left the island? All the clues regarding it now seem wrong, - it was 20 years ago, he could never get back (person who moves wheel can never come back) He told Locke “that’s the exit” how does he know if he left on the sub? He wasn’t in Dharma, why would he even know about the orchid station. Sure he could of learned about it prior to his exile or via a spy of some kind. But he also said Ben tricked him into leaving, which would be the wrong way to put it since he was being taking out in handcuffs and escorted by armed men. Everyone knew about it, so it would be that Ben tricked everyone into having him exiled. Not leaving (leaving implies it was his choice) so that leads towards Wheel also. Which information is false? Did he leave in the 80’s, and this new Ben Flashback happened later because Ben has messed with time? Or has Widmore been lying to himself and everyone about how long he was gone from the island and he was never tricked. And the latter, seems pretty lame, so I do not think that is the reason. Something is rotten in the jungle of mystery.

Whatever Happened, Happened and you have to embrace those Choices. (5.11)

Whatever Happened, Happened and you have to embrace those Choices. (5.11)

This past episode brought up a lot about choices and feeling like you don’t have one. Destiny versus Free will. Sawyer points out that living with Little Ben Linus was what he had to do. Seriously where was he going to go, on the sub back to the 70’s? And Ben so kindly pointed out to Sayid that he is killer but its not his fault, he simply had no choice at all. It’s who he is. Frankly, something that is not really a good choice is still a choice. Free will and Destiny are very intertwined on this show, and in life.

We also see the opposite of not having any real choice, with Jack making a choice to no longer try to fix everything. His new attitude is to not make any choices, which is still making one. Of course he did nothing about his stubbornness, but one step at a time. We also saw Kate make a choice about leaving Aaron with Claire’s mum. Hard as it was, she had many options, one being to not even go back, yet she does. How unlike her… no I take that back, she gets to run again, and that is what she does best. Now back in the 70’s she has taken on Jack’s role of fixing things, maybe they are more alike then even they thought.

One thing to remember with this show is, they normally do not reveal the big mystery first, and usually it starts backwards. When we found out Kate was a fugitive we basically saw that story backwards before we saw what she did. In fact I think the episode revealing it was called What Kate Did in season 2. So I have no doubt, that all this TT has a beginning, which we all know. We know Widmore turned the wheel before, and we know Dharma was doing experiments, hell the season opener was the day they discovered the wheel. But I wouldn’t count on seeing how the wheel got there until they go over the other 2 parts. I am guessing that when Widmore turned that wheel, it affected the time line then, and I have no doubt part of the rules Ben broke have to do with TT. He simply knows too much, and he has the ability to give Miles 3.2 million dollars anyway.

We could still find that this is all because of them being in the 70’s, I am just certain, in the world of LOST, they would not just hand us the answer to anything, and they want us to think it is one way, it will be way more dramatic to have a big reveal later. Most excellent movies have had that twist at the end where it changed what you thought you saw and you have to go back and watch it again. This show just does that more often, and they do it throughout the seasons. It’s a great way to get people to want to watch it again, buy the DVDs etc. And I am not putting that down. Only way I will buy a DVD is because I will watch it more than once.

One thing is for sure with me, I remember when we first saw Jack at the funeral and we didn’t know who was in the coffin. My very first guess, was John Locke, followed by Ben and Michael. I was right about that, but I was also wrong with how he got there. My first thoughts were the animosity between Jack and him, and how he never wanted to leave the island. So I thought, maybe he leaves, is back in a wheel chair and is miserable and kills himself. As it turns out, that was actually true, but not in the context that I thought. Seriously who saw the giant wheel being part of it later when we saw the end of season 3??

Destiny is always about not having any choice in the matter, and free will is always about making choices. Both ideas are expressed in this episode; all this TT stuff just helps a person solidify how they feel. And to quote Rush, if you choose not to decide you still make a choice.

Destiny is the lazy way, to quote John Locke when sawyer asked about lowering him down the well. “ Where is the fun in that?” I personally choose Free will.

What I get from Miles and Hurley

Hurley to me has always been the voice of the common guy, with common sense. He generally is the one who is more rational actually then anyone else. Most of them do not usually embrace Hurley’s opinions’, which really are Hurley’s own fault. His biggest flaw is his lack of belief in himself. He was institutionalized because of it, instead of thinking that the deck would of collapsed whether or not he stepped onto it, he thought it was because of his size. Instead of looking at winning the lottery as being lucky, he thought it was those numbers and now bad things happen because of him. I have no doubt Hurley was a genetically chubby kid, who would likely have a larger build, but his lack of belief in himself manifests in an addiction to food, and self-medicating himself with it. What he hates, he has become. Also, a common theme on lost.

Miles to me is not a dummy or anything, but he really thinks he is smarter then he is. He is not as cute a name caller as Sawyer (and I don’t mean physically) and feels the need to put people down to build himself up. He has gone about demanding things as opposed to asking, Take me to Naomi, Where is Linus. We don’t know as much about him as Hurley either, but my overall opinion of him, is he needs a few more people skills. He seems to have regurgitated Faradays theories but not because he understands them, he is just stating them without knowing why. Where, Hurley is more worried about the ramifications.

That conversation is so typical of what people in the audience would be sharing with each other. I would bet they are both wrong, but they both have some parts of it right. I do think whatever happened as in the events are what they are. Ben was always taken to the temple, but how he got there was not necessarily from Kate & Sawyer and because of Sayid’s gun. I think it’s rather unlikely that Sayid has been predetermined to be there to shoot Ben. I find that they made each other into the men they are regardless more interesting. It still shows how things influence and nurture each other. Sayid was not originally planned to be on that flight, and if he was predetermined to be there it would have been set up as so, since the police could of just as easily set it up as that flight. Only because Sayid wanted to get his friends body was he on that flight. So what a long way to go, get on the island live there for over 100 days, oops you left, that wasn’t suppose to happen, hey now it takes you 3 years to get back there. Do not get eaten by bears, smoke monsters or shot by others. Just seems like an unnecessarily long road for something that already happened 30 years ago.

So I take it just as Eloise explained it and as we have seen with Charlie’s near death experiences / final destination. It was Charlie’s path to die, but Desmond interfered with it, which did lead to other events that Charlie touched. We can still respect what Daniel said, yes things that have happened always have happened. Does this mean Sawyer was always Lafluer in Dharma? No, it does not have to mean that literally. Perhaps Phil was the Head of Security and Little Ben was shot accidentally because of it before. I even think its possible Amy is an undercover Other, its possible the Ankh necklace she took off of Paul was once hers and she was turning away from the others because of her husband. Could also explain her eagerness to kill Sayid, because she knows he’s not one of them. Maybe they were coming to take her back, and the losties have interfered with it, she can still wind up with them, and we know Ethan winds up there.

Only time will tell.

Craziest Theory of All Time…that depends on your perspective

Craziest Theory of All Time…that depends on your perspective (season 5)

The future does not exist without the past. Even though we live in the present, we actually spend more time thinking about the future, and thinking about the past. So how often are we really present? What is the present anyway? If you were to think about your own time line with you being a fly on the wall there, you would see complete versions of yourself and the people you interacted with. It would be the present to those there, and if you traveled to the future as a fly on the wall to watch yourself and those you interact with, it would be the present to that version of you and yours. To yourself, you would be seeing your future, and it would still be your present.

One thing I have always wondered about since somewhere in season 2, was whose perspective is the show being told from? We often see character centric episodes, but it does not appear to follow one person over anyone else. Which made me realize how open the story telling can be. Most stories are told in the present time, or they may have a narrator reflecting back on a past time. What if the Narrator couldn’t speak? What we could be watching could be the past. We only assume, this is being told in the current time because it began on TV the same day as it is in the show. But we also know that 3 years went by in the watching of the story telling process but it was only 3 months on the show.

What I am getting at is a bit out there, and feel free to think I am nuts (I already know I am and am quite comfortable with it) To explain what I mean about perspective I will use an example of a movie called Il Mare. Which is the original version of what you may have seen as a piece of crap called the Lake House (sorry if you liked it, I like pieces of crap too sometimes) the Lake House only sucked because of the paradox in it. The original, avoids the paradox if you think about it in a certain way. So for anyone who has no idea what I am talking about, Il Mare was about 2 people living 2 years apart, Korean versions of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. So for the rest of this explanation I am will just refer to the Characters as Sandy and Keanu. Sandy is in what would be considered our time, the present, she would be Keanu’s future, he is in her past. The whole plot is unimportant; they fall in love via letters to each through the mailbox, from a house they both lived in but 2 years apart. (She moved in right after he moved out in her time) So say it was 2009 for her, it was 2007 for him when he is living there. At one point they are going to meet, this would be maybe the next day for her, he has to wait 2 years on top of that. He doesn’t show up, she is bummed, and then finds out he died earlier in the year around the time she first started corresponding with him. So Sandra warns him about this impending accident that will happen to him a year or so in his future, so he will not be killed. But for her, it already happened and he will never be with her in her life. Because it’s the past and you can’t change what happened (plus she doesn’t have a time machine, just a magic mailbox) but for him, since he is in the past (to her) he avoids the situation where he would die and since he knows when she is moving into the house, he knows he can meet her. So they get to be together in his time. The movie ends there; with him showing up at the house the day she moves in, she has no idea of course who he is.

What does this story have to do with LOST, well, maybe nothing, but it can help explain what I mean about perspective. OF Keanu’s perspective. For to Sandy, whatever happened happened she could not be with him. Nothing changed, but for him he can have a whole story about it. If you wanted to follow that, follow what an altered past would be like. Because from his perspective this is the present. But for the Sandy’s side of the story it is the past and if can’t be changed. But if you saw the story from his point of view, you are just following his time line.

Are you with me so far?

So what if everything we have seen so far on the island was really the equivalent of this Keanu’s perspective of the story (present for him, but past to the girl) The majority of our characters would be Keanu and the island’s perspective is Sandy. Then I had another idea

Ben = Rat = Eloise = learns the maze – then runs it

What if Ben was able to send his consciousness to the future to learn how to “run the maze” of what we have seen. I am not guessing why, there could be many reasons. So for arguments sake the story actually begins in 2009 or 2010. We have never seen the present on the island. He in that time period lives through this, turns the wheel. And then returns to the island at a time before he turned it, before 815 crashed, could be long before also, and now he has the power to have everything go the way he wants, in an attempt to change something. But he can’t change anything in the future, because it already happened. But maybe he could change the past/ present and live there, because it would be the present for those in it. Now, he would of had to do something with himself, not sure on that, but we all know how twisted he is. Let you imagination run loose with that this could be breaking the rules of TT.

So when Hawking was talking about the unpredictable results, and we know some of them went to 77 and Sun, Frank, Ben and the others landed on Hydra Island in 2007, and it looks like an altered future. But maybe it’s not an altered future. Maybe they landed where Ben actually came from, and that is the way it always was, and what we were watching was an altered past. (watching Keanu in Lake House)

So its possible the others never did take over the barracks, and Danielle never made the message. Perhaps in this future, a lot of things are the same, but not good for Ben. Perhaps in that future, Alex was alive, and this is why he was so surprised she was killed. OR she was dead there too, under different circumstances. And this is what he was trying to change. So he’s going back to the island a 3rd time, maybe he is going to be judged or maybe he is trying some more.

The perspective of the story though is not Ben’s; I think it is likely he would mess around with time to suit his needs. Really makes you think about why he was so worried that John heard Jacob, and how he knows everything. The perspective would be that of the island, telling it’s story, and it would teach us no matter whether you believe in destiny or free will the only thing that matters in the present.

So what came first the chicken or the egg that is a silly question

So what came first the chicken or the egg that is a silly question

Since Jack started yelling “we have to go back” I have wondered why. Why go back, for what reason? I still don’t have a definitive answer to that questions either. Could this be a big loopy circle? And the reason they needed to go back was because they had parts to play in what we are seeing in Dharma 1977? Because that is what always happened? Or is it, they are just on this crazy ride, they were never in 77 originally and we still don’t know why they had to come back.

So it comes down to what is the point. Are they there to alter the future or just participate in it? Is their purpose, like a long drawn out more interesting groundhog day. They go around and around until they get it right. Or does it have nothing to do with changing anything, it’s just a circle, and a circle has no point. (Seinfeld meets Sci-fi it’s a show about nothing but everything)

The problem with whatever happened happened is that a person has to exist in 2 places at the same time. A separate version of themselves has interacted in the 70’s while the other was out in the “real world” doing whatever it was they were doing. Because the show shows Juliet and Co being shot at by people in a canoe that had aijira water bottles,(3 years before they ever get there) also shows this can happen. But because we hear the numbers on the radio as 316 is landing, and the camp was different when Sun and Frank get there, this shows the future can change also. (there is no point in showing it that way unless it was to tell us something, even if the something is just to F with us) You don’t even need to have noticed the camp was different, since Sun and Frank would of not. I think that was just a clue for those who know this show inside and out, and as a reminder that just when you think you know the answer, you don’t. Suns being there is proof itself that something has changed no matter how you look at it (more on this below)

So this shows us everyone is right and everyone is wrong. If time is circular and not linear then what is happening could of always happened and be the reason these people were all on this plane (chicken or egg) And even if that is true, that does not mean things can’t be changed since people have free will. So even with circular time, not everything will go as planned so there is some conflict, something to be resolved, changed, improved what have you. OR NOTHING changes, it is what it is and you could say we are watching people powerless to fate and they’re being no point to the show, which could very well be the point. See how they mess with us.

What ties this together for me, is Sun. If they weren’t supposed to leave, then she would be with them in 77 if they were supposed to be there. Say they never left, when the record was spinning again in 74, she would have been there. So it doesn’t matter much about why she isn’t in 77 now when they came back, the fact is she isn’t there. If they weren’t suppose to be there, then it doesn’t matter that Sun is not there, and them being there is just what happened now when the island moved. But if they were supposed to be there, and Sun is not there, then something will be changed.

So did the egg create the chicken or did the chicken create eggs. Did the losties always travel to 77 which created all these things, or are they there now for the first time, and thus they are creating all these things. Either way, eggs make chickens and chickens make eggs.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

John Jacob Jingle heimer Schmidt, his name is my name too!

John Jacob Jingle heimer Schmidt, his name is my name too! (S4/S5)

The ever-elusive Jacob. Who is this invisible to most man, that hates technology, is both brilliant and unforgiving and for whatever reason lives in a tiny un-kept cabin surrounded by a magical circle of ash. He is a many of few words, and would not appreciate the drop in, and would probably be the type that would have the No Solicitors sign posted by the front door. He seems to have been around for a while since John mentioned his name in 1954 and Richard didn’t respond with “whose Jacob?”

Seriously, why is he invisible to most? Is he trapped in another dimension? I don’t know why, but for the longest time whenever I thought about Jacob, I kept thinking of this Spongebob episode where they are selling chocolate door to door, and they go to house where there is a mother and daughter. The mother is a mostly shriveled up worm, and for whatever reason, this is the image I get when I think of Jacob. I surely hope he is not a worm.

I originally took Jacob as being the spokesperson for the Island, the embodiment if you will. Everyone has a boss and Jacob is a collective conscious that keeps the people in order. Now Christian is speaking for him? No offense to Christian, but didn’t he die a drunk? A weak one according to him at that, and this is his spokesperson? Perhaps he is not, he maybe a spokesperson but maybe it is for something that is the opposite of Jacob. If he is speaking for Jacob, I think Echo would make a better one; he seemed to be the person he should have been when on the island. I personally could not hold any of his past against him, he didn’t have too many options. And some of the choices he had to make, well weren’t really choices at all. (Him shooting that man instead of his little brother) And besides, if anyone was to give Echo any lip, he could always beat them with his Jesus stick.

Now that this can of time traveling worms has been opened, it seems to touch everything. Is Jacob a result from Dharma? Maybe he was in an experiment, and they sent him to far back in the past, he couldn’t get back all the way and some how he became a god to the others. I suppose some invisible person telling them things from the future would give him god like qualities. And yet, they still have this problem with Dharma later, which I feel busts that theory, unless of course, Jacob was a disgruntle Dharma official, and then maybe it can still work.

The choice of Horace’s Cabin as his place of residence is part of why I associate him with Dharma (besides the TT) but it’s the ash that intrigues me most. Circles of Ash are often associated with protection, to keep bad things out. Who would want to hurt Jacob?

There have been numerous theories on who Jacob is, he has been nearly every person on the show (including Rose), a computer and even a few regular posters on ABC’s theory board. But my favorite is that Jacob is Frank lapidus and Frank is Jacob, since they have so many things in common. Frank is a drunk and Jacob has one speaking for him now, Frank flies planes and Jacob lives in a crappy airplane cabin, Frank wears Hawaiian shirts, and Jacob lives on an island that looks like Hawaii. See the connections. So maybe we are all Jacob and Jacob is all of us.

So for now I will go with if Jacob is not the embodiment of the island, or a creepy old talking worm, than I would bet he is a guy named Jacob.

Christian's Shoes..Now Found. Parody scene/ Fan Fiction


The real ending of LOST

We see 2 men in the middle of a circle of people on the beach. It is our heroes Jack and John Locke. They are circling each other.

JACK (very whiney)- “Give them up old man, I have to bring these BACK!!!”

LOCKE- “ Don’t ‘you see Jack, its my destiny to have them”

JACK - “ DESTINY IS A FICKLE B*TCH” Just them Jack trips Locke and rips the shoes off his feet and runs into the jungle.

He runs until he gets to the Cabin, where the door creaks open in that super slow and creepy way. There stands a man. He is wearing dirty white tennis shoes with a nice suit.

JACK- “ Dad, I get it now”

Jack hands over Christians’ shoes to Christian.

CHRISTIAN- “ Thanks son, I told you I have what it takes and now you do to.”

We see Christian wearing his correct shoes now. Camera is a close up on his feet slowly panning away, we are all getting it. Fades to black with Bold white letters on screen


Then TV’s all over the world get broken as people throw their shoes into them. So for anyone who thinks the writers are taking ideas from this board, if this happens, well god help us all!!

Richard Sees Them All Dye...paradoy scene/fan fiction


By Christine Dagnelli (theynameditright)

We are looking at the beach, many people standing around their tents. John Locke and Richard are talking, Sun is standing with Ben tired of waiting, tired of wanting, she needs answers and she is going to get them now.

Sun storms over to Richard and Locke, Ben in tow

SUN: Where you here in 1977? Did you know these people, Hugo Reyes, Jack Shepherd, Kate Austen, do you remember them?

RICHARD: Yes, I was here, I remember these people very clearly, I remember meeting them all, but I think they had different names. …. I remember I watched them all dye.

….cue spooky Lost music and flash back whoosh sound……

Bill and Ted run across the screen doing the Wayne’s world did-il-e-doot, did-il-e-doot

We are back in the 70’s at Jacobs cabin in the jungle, only its not all old and crappy, it’s a happen place! There are Chinese lanterns around, a big boar roasting with an apple in its mouth (oo some garden of Eden motif) people are jamming to Geronimo Jackson, drinking some dharma beer, playing games. We see Hurley, Jack, Kate, Jin and Sayid all sitting around these wood buckets with shirts in their hands. Sawyer is drinking a beer and looking at Kate’s boobies while Juliet is off somewhere else. In enters Richard.

HURLEY: Uh oh, isn’t that eyeliner dude, do you think he might be, you know pissed we didn’t invite him.

SAWYER: Let me handle this stay puff (To Richard) Hey there Richard, come to have some boar and Beer? Let me introduce you to some of my pals here you may not know. This is Stay Puft, Freckles, Captain Falafel, and Doc

RICHARD: Nice to meet you all…hey are you guys making T-shirts?

(Camera pans around all of our oceanic survivors, they have t-shirts and are dipping them in buckets, they pause in their action and they have serious looks on their faces)

SAYID: Yes, we are making shirts as you say.

RICHARD: Mind if I…. {as he takes a shirt}

SAYID (cutting him off) I wouldn’t if I were you

HURLEY: Yeah sorry dude these are like, just for us

JACK: (really whiney and yelling) Give it BACK!

RICHARD: Hey sorry, I don’t want any trouble here

Richard sits down on a log and sadly watches the oceanic crew make their T-Dyed “ We Time Traveled to the 70’s and all we got are these lousy T shirts”, for themselves, their little club. Where’s Richard’s Club? This is so much like the rest of the island, where does he fit in? Where are the other 500-year-old people?

Whooshy flash back music

Bill and Ted run across the screen doing the Wayne’s world did-il-e-doot, did-il-e-doot

RICHARD; I couldn’t believe it, they wouldn’t share, I just had to watch them all dye (Richard starts to cry). STORY OF MY LIFE! Always following everyone, watching things but not doing anything!!! I am so alone

Locke and Ben exchange “wow he’s losing it” looks. One of them makes the coo coo sign

SUN: Well, what happened to them?

RICHARD: (suddenly pulls it together) Funny, as it turns out the dye was poisonous. Yeah they all got sick and dropped dead right there on the spot. Then we ate know because were aliens.(offers Sun something) Fish stick?

Flash to black LOST

Sorry I have moved!

I have been a LOST fan since the series began; even before it was on I was very excited about it. Finally I found something on television that seemed worth watching, besides Survivor which I also love. I have kept a notebook since season one and have been a regular blogger on Dark UFO and ABC’s Lost theory sites. But decided to move all of my ramblings to my own site, and come out of the shadows of my pen name….they named it right, for they surely did.

Typically I like to pick apart each episode lovingly in the days following it being aired. Most of the time this requires a second viewing, since sometimes when it is on, we get caught up in conversation, or note taking or are in just plain awe. So if you are like many diehard fans, you have an appetite for more information, more theories, and different perspectives, you have come to the right place.

So get your beverage of choice and sit down and read some of my notes from my LOST Notebook.