Sunday, February 21, 2010

THE VARIABLE (5.14) recap


“ Oh Stop thinking about whether or not it makes sense, and start asking yourself if you believe its going to work” Eloise to Jack Episode : 316 (5:06)

This statement has grabbed me as the writers talking to us the viewers, for I do believe its going to work, and yes a lot of it does not make sense because we do not have all of the information. I have often said, they have named this show correctly. Infact, the one Constant in LOST is being well, lost. We are lost, because so much of what we have seen, does not fully match up with what we are seeing. The incident was always refered to something that happened after the experiments began, and the computer could some how lead to another one. But now we know the incident is when they drill into the ground, the station is not built yet. Perhaps Pierre was concerned someone would crash or break the computer, resulting in the numbers not being pushed. Still, no experiments have begun, they were still digging.

The idea that our Lost pals have always been in dharma, because the wheel was predestined to turn in 2004, thus adding them to various places of the timeline, and mostly in Dharma in the 70’s, seems weak to me. Makes it too easy, and were nothing would have to be explained, whatever happened happened man. Don’t understand why Sun’s not in the 70;s…cause she never was. Dan knocks on the Swan door to talk to Desmond and even though Des does not know Faraday in 2004, its what happened dude, he just forgot. Richard and the others treating these people who crash on their island like animals, they like doing that! They are just big assholes! Somehow I hoped for something more out of them, but maybe they are just huge asses. Sayid always shot ben, that’s why Bens such an asshole. Sure, why not, so the island also knew Sawyer was going to grow up and be a better man? It also knew Kate and Jack would evolve how they have? Not likely, and if it does know these things, they better blow it up.

Dan though, he will forever be in this loop. All his life being not his own, to be shot by his own mother, to be born and so on and so on.

Inconsistencies with Locke’s converstations with Jack and Walt. 2 Ben’s in the Tunisa desert, Ben and Eloise knowing so many things up until a certain point ( 2008),

So the big question is why do the O6 have to return? Where they truly never suppose to leave? On one hand it seems that Ben, Richard, and Eloise knew the islands wheel would be turned and would send the Losties skipping down the yellow brick road of time, and then landing in that 70’s show. So they knew they would be there, since they seen them there before. They must be instrumental in the Incident at the Swan station from being actually buried in concrete otherwise the island would of blown up or been destroyed somehow.

On the other hand

Contridiction : Dan states they are variables, they have free will, make choices, this is their present. Anyone of them can die, he didn’t have a scar on his neck from the bullet grazing him. Why was it important for him to be there? He now plans to blow up the EMF with the bomb, destroying it. Dan also states this is their present, which means they never were there before. ( but if you think they always did this then separate/future versions of themselves would have been, but that seems pointless ) The whole point being they are variables, meaning they were never there. However, Eloise seems to know this was going to happen, the wheel would turn and they would be sent to the 70’s. Maybe that part happened before??

So one way to consider the WHH theory is that Sun was suppose to leave but not everyone else. Only her, and the rest were to come back. To do what the Island had predeterimed was going to happen from the 50’s on. The island would of known the wheel was to be turned and future versions of these people did what we saw when it happened to them in 2004. Which if that is the case, then how does 2 versions exist in one line and where is the future one that was always there when they TT? So is it really one line, or is it something else that explains that.

When 54 happened, 74,77, 88 ect where they all interacted with what we saw, for it to be the same Time line, it would be them from 2004 ( some of them were not born yet) so those things happened on the island before they were there to TT to make them happen. Ok, so when they do TT, and we are saying it is the same time line, then they already exist in that time line just like everyone they interact with. So now there would be them plus them. because they just went there to witness it all again. OR is this the first time

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