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Craziest Theory of All Time…that depends on your perspective

Craziest Theory of All Time…that depends on your perspective (season 5)

The future does not exist without the past. Even though we live in the present, we actually spend more time thinking about the future, and thinking about the past. So how often are we really present? What is the present anyway? If you were to think about your own time line with you being a fly on the wall there, you would see complete versions of yourself and the people you interacted with. It would be the present to those there, and if you traveled to the future as a fly on the wall to watch yourself and those you interact with, it would be the present to that version of you and yours. To yourself, you would be seeing your future, and it would still be your present.

One thing I have always wondered about since somewhere in season 2, was whose perspective is the show being told from? We often see character centric episodes, but it does not appear to follow one person over anyone else. Which made me realize how open the story telling can be. Most stories are told in the present time, or they may have a narrator reflecting back on a past time. What if the Narrator couldn’t speak? What we could be watching could be the past. We only assume, this is being told in the current time because it began on TV the same day as it is in the show. But we also know that 3 years went by in the watching of the story telling process but it was only 3 months on the show.

What I am getting at is a bit out there, and feel free to think I am nuts (I already know I am and am quite comfortable with it) To explain what I mean about perspective I will use an example of a movie called Il Mare. Which is the original version of what you may have seen as a piece of crap called the Lake House (sorry if you liked it, I like pieces of crap too sometimes) the Lake House only sucked because of the paradox in it. The original, avoids the paradox if you think about it in a certain way. So for anyone who has no idea what I am talking about, Il Mare was about 2 people living 2 years apart, Korean versions of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. So for the rest of this explanation I am will just refer to the Characters as Sandy and Keanu. Sandy is in what would be considered our time, the present, she would be Keanu’s future, he is in her past. The whole plot is unimportant; they fall in love via letters to each through the mailbox, from a house they both lived in but 2 years apart. (She moved in right after he moved out in her time) So say it was 2009 for her, it was 2007 for him when he is living there. At one point they are going to meet, this would be maybe the next day for her, he has to wait 2 years on top of that. He doesn’t show up, she is bummed, and then finds out he died earlier in the year around the time she first started corresponding with him. So Sandra warns him about this impending accident that will happen to him a year or so in his future, so he will not be killed. But for her, it already happened and he will never be with her in her life. Because it’s the past and you can’t change what happened (plus she doesn’t have a time machine, just a magic mailbox) but for him, since he is in the past (to her) he avoids the situation where he would die and since he knows when she is moving into the house, he knows he can meet her. So they get to be together in his time. The movie ends there; with him showing up at the house the day she moves in, she has no idea of course who he is.

What does this story have to do with LOST, well, maybe nothing, but it can help explain what I mean about perspective. OF Keanu’s perspective. For to Sandy, whatever happened happened she could not be with him. Nothing changed, but for him he can have a whole story about it. If you wanted to follow that, follow what an altered past would be like. Because from his perspective this is the present. But for the Sandy’s side of the story it is the past and if can’t be changed. But if you saw the story from his point of view, you are just following his time line.

Are you with me so far?

So what if everything we have seen so far on the island was really the equivalent of this Keanu’s perspective of the story (present for him, but past to the girl) The majority of our characters would be Keanu and the island’s perspective is Sandy. Then I had another idea

Ben = Rat = Eloise = learns the maze – then runs it

What if Ben was able to send his consciousness to the future to learn how to “run the maze” of what we have seen. I am not guessing why, there could be many reasons. So for arguments sake the story actually begins in 2009 or 2010. We have never seen the present on the island. He in that time period lives through this, turns the wheel. And then returns to the island at a time before he turned it, before 815 crashed, could be long before also, and now he has the power to have everything go the way he wants, in an attempt to change something. But he can’t change anything in the future, because it already happened. But maybe he could change the past/ present and live there, because it would be the present for those in it. Now, he would of had to do something with himself, not sure on that, but we all know how twisted he is. Let you imagination run loose with that this could be breaking the rules of TT.

So when Hawking was talking about the unpredictable results, and we know some of them went to 77 and Sun, Frank, Ben and the others landed on Hydra Island in 2007, and it looks like an altered future. But maybe it’s not an altered future. Maybe they landed where Ben actually came from, and that is the way it always was, and what we were watching was an altered past. (watching Keanu in Lake House)

So its possible the others never did take over the barracks, and Danielle never made the message. Perhaps in this future, a lot of things are the same, but not good for Ben. Perhaps in that future, Alex was alive, and this is why he was so surprised she was killed. OR she was dead there too, under different circumstances. And this is what he was trying to change. So he’s going back to the island a 3rd time, maybe he is going to be judged or maybe he is trying some more.

The perspective of the story though is not Ben’s; I think it is likely he would mess around with time to suit his needs. Really makes you think about why he was so worried that John heard Jacob, and how he knows everything. The perspective would be that of the island, telling it’s story, and it would teach us no matter whether you believe in destiny or free will the only thing that matters in the present.

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