Saturday, February 20, 2010

Christian's Shoes..Now Found. Parody scene/ Fan Fiction


The real ending of LOST

We see 2 men in the middle of a circle of people on the beach. It is our heroes Jack and John Locke. They are circling each other.

JACK (very whiney)- “Give them up old man, I have to bring these BACK!!!”

LOCKE- “ Don’t ‘you see Jack, its my destiny to have them”

JACK - “ DESTINY IS A FICKLE B*TCH” Just them Jack trips Locke and rips the shoes off his feet and runs into the jungle.

He runs until he gets to the Cabin, where the door creaks open in that super slow and creepy way. There stands a man. He is wearing dirty white tennis shoes with a nice suit.

JACK- “ Dad, I get it now”

Jack hands over Christians’ shoes to Christian.

CHRISTIAN- “ Thanks son, I told you I have what it takes and now you do to.”

We see Christian wearing his correct shoes now. Camera is a close up on his feet slowly panning away, we are all getting it. Fades to black with Bold white letters on screen


Then TV’s all over the world get broken as people throw their shoes into them. So for anyone who thinks the writers are taking ideas from this board, if this happens, well god help us all!!

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