Sunday, February 21, 2010

SOME LIKE IT HOTH Recap (5.13)

SOME LIKE IT HOTH Recap (5.13)

Chang - “Miles I need you.” Miles – “You do?” I have to say after these lines I was filled with both pity for Miles for the obvious breaking of his voice, and glee for the same reason. Big tough Miles who doesn’t care about his dad, suddenly choked up by the fact he needs him. Beautiful!

This episode was Miles centric, showing us some of his backstory of him off the island, dealing with his gift, his first meeting with Naomi, and his fish taco hitting the payment when being picked up by van full of Shadow people. His backstory, atfirst didn’t seem like it was necessary until you look closer. When he is being auditioned by Naomi we learned the dead body was on his way to Widmore with some intel. Intel we previously were lead to believe was something Widmore did, that he staged the plane crash. Alteast that’s what Ben wanted us to think. But now, I am not so sure, and you shouldn’t be either. Naomi also painted a picture of Ben being a mass murderer and the dead would basically be all around throughout the island for Miles to communicate with to help locate Ben. Though, they never did need him for that. Ironically, his big dead people moment was with talking to Naomi’s body.

We also have a better appreciation of Miles “powers” which Hurleys is better. That he can basically hear a persons final thoughts. Kinda like a residual haunting, I wonder if Hurley deals more with Intelligent hauntings, which is a better power. Maybe he needs special equipment for that, I think he had some kind of dustbuster looking thing that he turned on when he was talking to that woman’s grandson in the “confirmed dead” flashbacks.

Miles looses his fish taco, but he could be enlightened. He doesn’t seem too interested in that. Now the whole 3.2 million mystery is solved, somehow that one was a little disappointing, though funny. Just to show not every mystery has to be something big.

So what does lye in the Shadow of the Statue..Jimmy Hoffa? Sand? Hasn’t the statue been gone for a long time so there would not be ashadow to cast for a while?

The Daddy issue continues, Miles was one we didn’t know much about so we didn’t see if he had one or not, and as certain as communication lacks on LOST, anotherone bites the dust. This leaves Juliet now, otherwise I believe we have seen everyones back stories with all there glorious daddy issues. We also got more of reminder of how Roger is a jerk, more so from drinking, and this reminded me of how Jack and Ben have something in common after all. Well something besides having to control everything.

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