Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sorry I have moved!

I have been a LOST fan since the series began; even before it was on I was very excited about it. Finally I found something on television that seemed worth watching, besides Survivor which I also love. I have kept a notebook since season one and have been a regular blogger on Dark UFO and ABC’s Lost theory sites. But decided to move all of my ramblings to my own site, and come out of the shadows of my pen name….they named it right, for they surely did.

Typically I like to pick apart each episode lovingly in the days following it being aired. Most of the time this requires a second viewing, since sometimes when it is on, we get caught up in conversation, or note taking or are in just plain awe. So if you are like many diehard fans, you have an appetite for more information, more theories, and different perspectives, you have come to the right place.

So get your beverage of choice and sit down and read some of my notes from my LOST Notebook.

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