Sunday, February 21, 2010

So what came first the chicken or the egg that is a silly question

So what came first the chicken or the egg that is a silly question

Since Jack started yelling “we have to go back” I have wondered why. Why go back, for what reason? I still don’t have a definitive answer to that questions either. Could this be a big loopy circle? And the reason they needed to go back was because they had parts to play in what we are seeing in Dharma 1977? Because that is what always happened? Or is it, they are just on this crazy ride, they were never in 77 originally and we still don’t know why they had to come back.

So it comes down to what is the point. Are they there to alter the future or just participate in it? Is their purpose, like a long drawn out more interesting groundhog day. They go around and around until they get it right. Or does it have nothing to do with changing anything, it’s just a circle, and a circle has no point. (Seinfeld meets Sci-fi it’s a show about nothing but everything)

The problem with whatever happened happened is that a person has to exist in 2 places at the same time. A separate version of themselves has interacted in the 70’s while the other was out in the “real world” doing whatever it was they were doing. Because the show shows Juliet and Co being shot at by people in a canoe that had aijira water bottles,(3 years before they ever get there) also shows this can happen. But because we hear the numbers on the radio as 316 is landing, and the camp was different when Sun and Frank get there, this shows the future can change also. (there is no point in showing it that way unless it was to tell us something, even if the something is just to F with us) You don’t even need to have noticed the camp was different, since Sun and Frank would of not. I think that was just a clue for those who know this show inside and out, and as a reminder that just when you think you know the answer, you don’t. Suns being there is proof itself that something has changed no matter how you look at it (more on this below)

So this shows us everyone is right and everyone is wrong. If time is circular and not linear then what is happening could of always happened and be the reason these people were all on this plane (chicken or egg) And even if that is true, that does not mean things can’t be changed since people have free will. So even with circular time, not everything will go as planned so there is some conflict, something to be resolved, changed, improved what have you. OR NOTHING changes, it is what it is and you could say we are watching people powerless to fate and they’re being no point to the show, which could very well be the point. See how they mess with us.

What ties this together for me, is Sun. If they weren’t supposed to leave, then she would be with them in 77 if they were supposed to be there. Say they never left, when the record was spinning again in 74, she would have been there. So it doesn’t matter much about why she isn’t in 77 now when they came back, the fact is she isn’t there. If they weren’t suppose to be there, then it doesn’t matter that Sun is not there, and them being there is just what happened now when the island moved. But if they were supposed to be there, and Sun is not there, then something will be changed.

So did the egg create the chicken or did the chicken create eggs. Did the losties always travel to 77 which created all these things, or are they there now for the first time, and thus they are creating all these things. Either way, eggs make chickens and chickens make eggs.

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