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LOST Analysis: Who or What is Jacob?

LOST Analysis: Who or What is Jacob?

Four Things a New Viewer Needs to Know About Lost

Four Things a New Viewer Needs to Know About Lost

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LOST episode 6.17/6.18 The End Series finale or just the Beginning?

I write this final recap with much joy and sorrow, the end was both a relief and exciting,  as it was full of sadness and happiness. And in like so many aspects of LOST it was in complete juxtaposition. The finale was edited with as many cliff-hangers (even literal) as possible; it still managed to fill itself with mystery and emotion to complete the quest of man's struggle to be free.

The season six mystery of The Sideways was explained when it ended with a final twist that answered all questions of its origins. This doesn’t mean there are not other mysteries left unanswered, but as we have known all along, some of the show is left to interpretation and what it will mean to you. The light can represent many things and how important it was to the rest of the world is up to the viewer.

What this episode did was remind us why we loved these characters and gave us the chance to say good bye to them. It also made the unanswered mysteries irrelevant, because in the end, it was not what actually mattered, because it is the same as life, we will never have all the answers. Sometimes though when we let go, we can see what actually matters.

There are bound to be some who will not get it, but for anyone who is a true fan of the show, who has watched and loved for the past six years and has been satisfied and hungry for more, this was the best series finale of any TV show, of any time , ever. If you didn’t cry or feel something from it upon a second viewing, (since the first was over-whelming) then you probably didn’t ever really love the show, or you are dead inside.

ON Island

This is the House that Jack Built

Jack has been deemed the new Jacob and with it he must now protect the island and stop the Man in black from leaving or trying to destroy the island. Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Jack figure they need to find Desmond since Fake Locke wanted him dead. Therefore, Jack rationalizes he must be important and a weapon to stop fake Locke. Sawyer decides to go by himself to retrieve Desmond from the well that Sayid told them Desmond was in, before he blew up.

Ben and Fake Locke are at the empty well and Fake Locke confirms he plans on using Desmond to sink the island. Sawyer is hiding behind a too small bush and is discovered by Ben and Fake Locke where he lets them know they are no longer candidates.

“The Sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older” Time by Pink Floyd

Meanwhile out in the jungle, Miles finds Richard and is still communicating with Ben via the walkie-talkie. Miles and Richard get in an outrigger to head back to Hydra Island to blow up the plane, since they figure this is fake Locke’s way off the island. Richard has received his first grey hair, I imagine with Jacob officially gone, his living forever status has been canceled. Richard finds this amusing and realizes he wants to live.

FRANK!!! Screamed by all watching the finale

During their journey they come upon Frank Lapidius out floating in the water with the submarine debris, now that they have a pilot again, maybe blowing up the plane is not the best of ideas since it is a ticket home. In case we haven’t noticed, he is a pilot. I had hoped Frank was not done in by the door, figuring that he was one of the only ways to possibly get off the island.

"You keep saying the Past is not dead, stop and smell the smoke" – Smoke by Ben Folds Five

Desmond was rescued by Rose, Bernard and Vincent (who is obviously a different and younger dog) Fake Locke finds them and tells Desmond if he doesn’t come with him to sink the island he is not only going to kill Rose and Bernard he is going to make it hurt. Desmond goes with him as willingly as someone could with those set of choices. But wants Fake Locke’s word he will never touch Rose and Bernard. In Desmond’s mind he knows he will be reunited with Penny since he saw it with all that electromagnetism.

Everyone meets up in an island version of draw. Fake Locke, Ben and Desmond are coming up one end of the mesa, and Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and Kate are coming up the other end. Kate unloads several rounds into fake Locke; no one gave her that heads up that he is invincible.

Whatever Happened, Happened

They head back to the secret bamboo field, where only Jack, Desmond and fake Locke head to the cave with the light, which is much dimmer now than when they first saw it. The creation of the smoke monster seemed to have stolen much of the light, and probably explains a lot of the evil goings on, on the island. Desmond is at peace with doing his part since he had that experience in the Flash Sideways where he is a successful man who has Widmore’s respect, and has Penny. He tries to make Jack feel at peace and tell him he wishes he could take him there too; there is a place where the plane didn’t crash. And Jack believes that is not true, There are no short cuts or do over’s, he tried to think that and he realizes everything here matters.

You’re not John Locke, You Disgrace his Memory by wearing his Face.”

Jack and Fake Locke lower Desmond down in the cavern in the same way Kate was lowered down the hatch to find Desmond. Fake Locke jokes to Jack about fighting over pushing a button, and I am glad Jack told him off. Desmond seems to know what to do and removes some big heavy rock that was keeping the light lit. Once he did though, it seemed to work as a backwards drain and all the water stopped flowing. Red hot gases poured out of the area where the stone once was, giving the impression he was opening the fires of hell. Desmond is disappointed because he thought doing this was going to send him to his other self.

However doing this made Fake Locke mortal again, apparently this light has kept Jacob and him alive all that time, and would have done the same for Jack. But since it went out, Fake Locke could finally bleed, and everyone is now susepticable to death as the healing powers of the island have been extinguished.

“Cause there’s battle going on, just south of Babylon, so why don’t you just fade away” D’artagnen’s theme –by Citizen Cope

The island becomes end of the world dark and is experiencing earth quakes that are knocking rocks all over the place and trees. Ben in a heroic moment pushes Hurley out of the way from being clobbered by a tree and gets pinned under it. And despite all the crap that Ben has put Kate, Sawyer and Hurley through they still lift that tree off of him.

Fake Locke heads over to the cliffs by the secret cave of names where the scales were housed. He has the Elizabeth docked just off shore. I wonder if he knew he would of needed a baring to get off the island? Jack shows up and in an epic battle they fight. Fake Locke delivers a major knife wound to Jack and begins to try to cut his throat but is interrupted by Kate.

Saved you a bullet

Kate comes up the mountain all Rambo-style and takes out the Man in black / fake Locke finally. Jack kicks his lifeless body off the cliff, which was great since too often the bad guy comes back to life, you know because crazy people are hard to kill.

They need to get to the boat docked off the island since the island is crumbling beneath them, and looks like the man in black was right about that. It was on its way to sinking and fear grips us as we had seen the flash sideways begin with a sunken island. Jack knows he still has work to do and cannot leave the island; he needs to put the rock back in its place so the island doesn’t sink. Jack and Sawyer say goodbye and Sawyer thanks him for everything. Jack and Kate give a tearful and heart tugging good bye knowing they will never see each other again, Kate finally tells Jack she loves him, he smiles with almost a laugh to himself to say...well finally and then he and he announces it back in the way all girls want to hear. Excuse me, need a tissue…or a box

Sawyer and Kate jump off the cliff to swim out to the boat so they can make it to the plane. Kate is still determined to find Claire and bring her back home. They meet up with her, and Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Miles, Richard and Frank get the plane working and take off to leave the island finally, forever.

“We would sing and dance around, because we know, we can’t be found” Octopus’s Garden by the Beatles

Hurley and Ben decided they would go with Jack, Ben being the captain of the ship for so long, decides if the island is going to sink he is going down with it. They head back off to the field of bamboo and Jack initiates Hurley with an oceanic water bottle ‘drink this’ to take his place. Desmond was a weapon after all, since it was the only way to stop Fake Locke was to make him human again. But the island still needed to be protected because whatever the light means to us individually, it is meant to be in the world.

See ya in another Life Brotha….literally

Hurley is and has always been the most innocent of them all, besides the children and even Claire to some extent. Jack knows it was always suppose to be Hurley to be the protector since taking care of people is just what he does. Jack knew his purpose was to put things right, and that he was the only one who could of done that.

Hurley, Jack and Ben go back to the heart of the island to put the rock back in its place and save it. Jack finds a still alive Desmond and has him tied onto the rope to be saved by Hurley and Ben. Hurley and Ben agree that Ben should be his number two, and they would find a way to get Desmond home to his wife and son. There are still other people on the island and they stay there to protect them and it.

“I don’t believe in much but I do believe in Duct tape” Me too Miles, me too

During this entire important save the world stuff, Frank, Richard and Miles had to find away to save their butts and are trying to fix the plane. They had previously come across Claire who was shooting at them and feeling unworthy of going home, since she is all crazy now. They get the plane functioning and are about to taxi down that familiar runway.

“Cause I’ve got to be free, to face the life that is ahead of me”

Captain Frank Lapidius, Miles, Sawyer, Kate, Claire and Richard all buckle in and take off down that old runway that both Sawyer and Kate lent a hand in building, guess they are probably happy about that now.

The Circle is complete

Jack gets the rock back in place, the water is flowing and he cries with relief and joy knowing he was right, he fixed it. He gets flushed down stream and winds up in a similar if not exact location where the man in black’s body wound up. He is still dying and walks as far as he can, which is back to the bamboo field where he first woke up on the island. He lays down and out comes Vincent, just as he did in the beginning, who lays down with Jack as dogs do when they know the end is near for their master. In his last moments Jack sees the Aijira plane fly over head, and figuring they were safe and on their way home, he closes his eyes and dies….and there is not enough tissues, had to get a roll of toilet paper.

Flash sideways…first stop before the after life

“Where everything is better, everything is safe” Walk on the Ocean by Toad the Wet Sprocket…well as long as you’re not a bad guy like Keamy, then you get shot here too and left for dead.

All of our people have been gathering by Desmond to attend this little concert. They will be making their own kind of music, Charlie with Driveshaft and Dan ‘faraday’ Widmore will be accompanying them on the piano singing their own special song, even if nobody else sings along.

In a final twist, LOST reveals that the flash sideways were a place the characters created to find each other first before going to the after-life, or whatever is next. This is up to your own interpretation, you could think they are going on to a heaven like place, or maybe be reincarnated and that is part of the reason why there are so many times people just 'know things". Maybe the keep doing this over again after they meet up in the flash sideways world?

They real joke is, for seasons people theorized the island was purgatory and how befitting for them to create a place that would be like purgatory or limbo whatever you want to call it. A place in between, time along side of real time. Of course most if not all of our characters did not realized this is where they were at first, and hence all of the awakening that needed to happen.

The sideways being used in the show, allowed full closure with our characters. A way for us to say good bye to them, to remember all of the wonderful moments of why we loved them to begin with. It is the characters of LOST that makes the show what it is, all of their struggles and growth and how that is tied to all of the other references in the show. It is what they went through, that makes LOST important, without them it’s just a crazy island with a polar bear and a guy who turned into smoke.

Don’t let other people tell you, who you are.” Hurley reminds Sayid

Hurley and Sayid went to pick up Charlie at the same hotel that was a “safe house” last season when Sayid was protecting Hurley. (And also the same place Locke lost Helen when he couldn’t let go of what his dad did to him) Hurley goes to get Charlie and is beaming with happiness, because this is the first time he has been able to see Charlie after he died that wasn’t in a creepy ghostly way. This is a real Charlie, Charlie just doesn’t know it, and Hugo had to restrain himself somewhat from hugging him.

Sayid doesn’t remember anything until they are outside a bar though and he sees a damsel in distress. Hurley points out to Sayid that he has listened to people tell him who he is for so long, he has begun to believe it. “You don’t know me” Sayid tells Hurley who he doesn’t remember and just thinks is crazy. Hurley responds“I know A LOT about you…dude” and goes on to show him by setting him up. One man is beating the snot out of another, and a woman gets involved who is tossed into the garbage like a rag doll, this prompts Sayid to take action and get into ass-kicking mode. Sayid has always been a good guy to me; his past didn’t matter as it was a matter of circumstance much like Eko, where you don’t really have a choice, kind of like Jacob being the protector. Sayid though has always defended those he loved, and those who were weak.

Two for the Road

Boone was part of the plan to help wake up Sayid and to also help wake up Shannon!!! Sayid’s love on the island that also died in his arms, Sayid remember each other and have their reunion, well he was unlucky in love in this life, glad that after it will work out, guess he wasn’t meant to be with Nadia after all, come to think of it, that seems pretty clear now.

"The son’s gonna rise in a mile, in a mile you’ll be feeling fine and in a mile you will see after me you will be out of the dark and you’ll get your shot.” Son’s Gonna Rise by Citizen Cope

Charlie recognizes Claire from when he was choking on the plane, he had seen a vision of her and remembered something about her but not much because Jack brought him back. Claire looks at Charlie on the stage and looks around because she almost doesn’t believe he is looking at her, but something about him is familiar. Then labor begins and she goes off to have the baby, Kate who still follows people even here, joins up to help deliver Aaron again and they are all reunited with each other. Claire finally back with Aaron the baby. Most likely real Claire got to be with Aaron on some level, the plane probably landed safely since we did not see Frank or Richard.

“Maybe you’re going to be the one that saves me” Wonderwall by Oasis, sung by Charlie season3

Claire really was the one that saved Charlie, as well as Locke. Once he remembered all that he was through he was all himself. Claire and Charlie’s memoires elicited more tissues, the imaginary peanut butter, the baby carrier Charlie made Aaron, all of their moments and how their whole relationship was mostly a beautiful friendship, never consummated, and I think they only kissed that one time shown in their memories.

More Awakenings From Jin, Sun, Juliet and Sawyer
Jin and Sun see Ji Yeon with Juliet and awaken. It was fitting that it was Juliet since she gave Sun the first glimpse of their baby, and Jin never got to meet the baby. They have memories of their journey on the island, their many times being separated and being reunited, their relationship being repaired, and their eventual death together.

Sawyer enters their room later to protect Sun, and they just smile knowing it's him, but he doesn’t know it's them. “Hello…detective” loved that, because it is funny that Sawyer made himself a detective. He and miles did spend three years working as Dharma security, and I imagine when they got off the island they remained friends, so it is fitting they are still partners.

Sawyer and Juliet with the candy bar. Let’s go out for coffee, we could go dutch. When Juliet died in Sawyers arms in the season premiere she said these words, because she crossed over to the afterlife/sideways land and we wondered if she said it worked was because the bomb worked. But really what worked was unplugging the machine so he could get his candy.

It was whatever happened happens, the debate is now officially closed

We can say now that the bomb didn’t work they way that they had hoped, but in reality they had to do that otherwise the results would of messed up the space time by not negating the energy and possibly destroying the island back in 1977. In essence they created their own suffering, by ironically trying not to do so. I would bet the pregnancy problem was from the bomb also, which is why Juliet wound up on the island to fix a problem she actually created. Madness!

The flash sideways for me was going to be one of two things that I figured were to be answered in the finale, and it turned out it was neither. I figured it was an altered reality depicted and it was either from the bomb going off if that never happened the first time, thus creating a new reality on a separate time line. Or, the bomb was suppose to go off to negate the energy but if it didn’t then the island would sink and the flash sideways was to show they would of never wound up on the island because they never time traveled and never helped with that bomb. Almost like a prologue to the story before time travel and wheels turning.

“The time is gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say” Time

Ben figured it out and once he remembered those parts of himself he had more to do with himself before he felt worthy of “leaving” I think he wanted to spend more time with Alex. Ben was a better guy in the flash Sideways and I think it was because of the way he begun to change himself from the point he apologized to Illana. Since he and Hurley were left on the island for who knows how many years, Ben probably continued his own metamorphous so that he was better off in the FS.

Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town, waiting for someone or something to show you the way. Time

Locke in the Flash sideways was happy in some areas, better for some of what he did learn on the island. But his belief in destiny was gone, probably because Ben took that away from him with the whole murder thing. He does get his awaking from his toe moving. He remembers crashing on the island and what happened there, teaching Walt to throw the knife, finding the hatch. He looks at Jack and remembers him, and seems happy to see him and realizes that Jack has made his own improvements, Jack was the one all this time trying to repair what he did to Locke. For now he did believe in things, and thought nothing was irreversible. Locke repeats his ‘come with me” to Jack, and Jack almost remembers looking down the hatch, but pushes the thoughts away. Jack tells him he has to go to a concert with his son, when Locke says, “you don’t have a son”.

These Feelings won’t go away, they keep knocking me sideways, I keep thinking in a moment that, time will take them away.” Sideways by Citizen Cope

Jack of course would be the one to take the longest to let go, all of our characters had issues with letting go, but Jack had it the worst. He was resistant to any visions he was receiving when Kate touched his face, when he was with Locke, I think he thought he was going crazy. He goes with her to the church where they will be having his father’s funeral.

Into Battle, and in your Shadow, your daddy loves you still” The man I use to be by Jelly Fish

Jacks touching of the casket brought a lot of his memories back, but not his death, and he opened it to find his dad not in it. Christian appears which confuses Jack because Christian is dead. “How are you here Jack?” he asks him when Jack realizes he is dead also. Jack and him talk about this place where there is no time, and there is no now that was created by survivors to find each other. He lets Jack and us know everything is real, every thing that ever happened to him is real and that he had to let go so they can go to the next destination. Which could possibly be to do this all over again, the end being also a beginning.

All that you eat and everyone you meet, and all that you slight, and everyone you fight” Eclipse by Pink Floyd

I hope that in the end, when he was laying out in the bamboo field he too experienced this “sideways world’ like Juliet did, this way when he died, he wasn’t alone. Especially since they did learn to live together, when I first watched the finale it made me sad for Jack that he was the champion of that saying to only die alone, but then I thought about it and figured he did not. Vincent was with him anyway, and how beautiful was that? Full circle, the dog was there to wake him and was there when he went to sleep.

All of our main characters connected at the church with the absences of a few that needed more time to move on. Ben, Alex, Danielle, Widmore, Eloise, Dan, Charlotte, Miles and his dad most notably. It seems that those in the church, who were so connected to each other throughout different times of their lives, not just on the island were there for each other. Maybe that is a nice idea that we all have people connected to us to be there when big things happen.

“And all the Roads we have to walk are winding, and all the lights that lead us there are blinding”  Oasis, Wonderwall

Lost, even though it was a TV show, was not just a TV show. Never before have I been collectively a part with people who create the program. For everyone that truly loved it will tell you it was so much more, it was a learning experience, it was an opportunity to think and theorize, it allowed people to bond with their questions and their beliefs, It tested those beliefs and it gave us all much hope. It inspired us to read books, learn languages, study physics, LOST was more inspirational in the area of education, then all the years I spent in school.

Fans interacted with each other and with the creators. I will miss “Darlton’s” pod casts and they way they would converse with us, I would be glad to follow them down whatever rabbit hole they want to journey next, and would be most interested in working at any capacity.

Overall the series concluded with a message that we will always have more questions; we will not know the answers to everything and in the end that doesn’t matter. We have to let go. When watching the finale once you do let go you can see how everything about the ending was a goodbye. Their lives flashing before our eyes, our eyes who have loved these people, who rooted for them, laughed and cried with them throughout the series. We get to revisit all those moments that made us love them. And it made me realize how much the people who created this show, genuinely loved it as well.

This is how I felt about the finale after I watched it a second time, with no need for expectations. I let go of them, and I was left with just the emotions, the imagery and the clear realization that everything did matter, but I didn’t need to know who built the statue, it is just a bunch of rocks after all.

The circle of life on Lost

So many battles, So many wounds to be healed, Time is Relentless, only true Love preservers” 2000 years by Billy Joel

LOST ended its series with both a tragic ending and with the mega-happy ending. It answered all of the issues with the sideways; it left open the possibility of what else happened after the island. Because, in the end, there really is no end, nothing is ever over. LOST didn’t end, it simply concluded the tale it was telling.

Now that it has concluded and we have to let go and carry on, I leave you with the song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. Which was also an episode title in season one. The song itself does capture a lot of LOST imagery because of all of the Alice and Wonderland references in the song and LOST. And within it is one of the best aspects of LOST, and in LOST fashion I will not tell you what that is, you need to decide for yourself.

“When the men on the chess board get up and tell you were to go and you just had some kind of mushroom and your mind is moving low, go ask Alice, I think she'll know.....when logic and proportion have fallen so I'll be dead and the white knight is talking backwards, and the Red queens off her head, Remember what the Door mouse said, Feed your head”

Namaste...Thank you Lost

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LOST episode 6.16 What They Died for….a Light? Thanks Jacob that really explains it. Recap & Analysis

The Last regular episode of LOST, known as the penultimate episode
Multi-centric Flash Sideways featuring: Jack, Desmond, Locke, Ben, Sayid, Kate, Miles, Sawyer, Alex and Danielle

Desmond is still collecting people in the flash sideways and is getting them to go to a concert at the Museum that Miles’ Dad and Charlotte both work at, and David, Jack’s son is also playing piano. He seems to be a man with a plan, wanting to help them “let go” but for what reason? Fake Locke is off on a new mission of search and destroy.

On Island

The Days and Nights just start to blur together

The evening of death is over with Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley on the beach from the explosion on the submarine. Jack repays Kate from early on in the first episode by stitching her up from her gunshot wound. Good thing he had a sewing kit on him. Kate decides they need to kill Fake Locke since he killed so many people, as if that will bring them back, but then again on this show, maybe it will. They decide they need to go off and find Desmond who was left in a well somewhere not too far from where they are now.

Ben, Miles and Richard are still wandering the island to the Dharma Barracks, seems as if it has taken them days to get there from the Beach. Normally it is a day and half walk, but the time on the island seems to have been speeding up, no one has noticed this yet but us the viewer. They decide to retrieve some C4 Ben had been holding onto, “just incase” to go blow the plane to hell as Richard put it. While doing this they are interrupted by Zoe pillaging Ben’s cabinets. Within moments, Widmore walks in and scares the crap out of Ben.

Let the bodies hit the floor

They know Fake Locke is on his way over to them so Ben tells Zoe and Widmore to hide in his closet, while Miles makes a run for it. Ben and Richard decide to wait for the arrival of the smoke monster who promptly throws Richard into a tree. Which better not be the end of him.

Fake Locke tells Ben he needs him to kill some more people for him and in exchange Ben gets the island all to himself. Maybe Ben cares about this, maybe he doesn’t, he typically has a plan so perhaps he only appears to align himself with fake Locke. He was willing to have Widmore executed, since Widmore is still just as responsible for the death of Alex as Ben is.

First he kills Zoe since " she wasn't going to tell him anything therefore she is pointless"..yeah that is what we have all been saying. Widmore whispers to Fake Locke why he is here, that Jacob told him how to get back to the island, he visited him shortly after the freighter went ka-boom. And he brought Desmond to the island as a measure of last resort (which use to be moving the island, but that must be a different measure of last resort) because of his ability to withstand Electromagnetism and he is a failsafe…for what, who knows.

Fake Locke and Ben went over to the well, found no love, and no Desmond. So plan C is put forth, Locke figures Desmond can help him destroy the island, so much for Ben being able to have it all to himself.

This Island of Misfit Toys, part of the Juxtaposition Galaxy

Meanwhile, Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley are on their way to rescue Des when Hurley runs into Ghost boy Jacob, who wants his ashes and runs off with them. Hurley follows to find grown up Jacob, burning his ashes, and when the ashes are gone so will he be. They must be magic ashes since ash is ash and is the result of stuff burning so not sure how that is possible, but then again how is an island moving all the time possible and the surviving of a plane breaking apart 30,000 feet in the air with only scratches.

Suddenly its night time again, and they have a pow-wow around the camp fire, Kate is pissed and wants to know what Sayid, Jin and Sun died for. Everyone wants to know why they are there, what is the deal with the cave and Jacob tells them, sort of. He tells them they have to protect the light from the monster. And they buy it!! Really why not just put up them pylons, save everyone all the trouble?

Jacob explains they were all flawed and he brought them to the island because they were like him, alone and needing to find meaning and the island needed them as much as they needed the island. He needs to find a candidate to replace him, and Kate could have it too if she wanted, he crossed her off because she became a mom. Which is better then what Smokey does when the island is done with them, or what it did to Illana. No one is jumping at the job except Jack and as Sawyer put it, Jack has the god complex. Jacob then initiated Jack and told him he could find the light, at the heart of the island which is just beyond a ridge past the bamboo field he was in when he first got to the island.

Flash Sideways

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, What I am seeing is not familar at All

Begins with Jack waking in the morning to notice more blood on his neck, he is puzzled but maybe he was just scratching himself. We know better, we just don’t know what it means yet. Most of our charachters have caught themselves in the mirror and each time they seemed puzzled or disappointed in what they see reflected back at them. Jack, David and Claire have a nice breakfast when Desmond calls impersonating someone from Oceanic to say they found his Dads coffin, and it will be there in the evening.

This day in the flash sideways universe continues on for Des, he stops by the school and wails on Ben’s face some more, (Jacob taught him his killer one move) telling him he was just helping Locke let go. And it brings a flash to Ben of a previous time he was getting his face beat in. Ben gets fixed up at the school nurses office when Locke seems him and they share this information. Which prompts Locke to go see Jack and schedule the surgery, he is finally ready to get out of the chair.

"Your like the Nicest Guy ever ...

Ben goes off to dinner with Alex and Danielle, could that be romance blossoming? Danielle tells him he is the closest thing to a father, and Alex’s real dad died when she was two.He is noticeably choked up, maybe he doesn’t know why because this Ben would be appalled by his otherself. How funny was it that Danielle joked that they would kidnap him if he didn't come to dinner willingly, (sigh) if she only knew.

After Desmond was done wailing on Ben he turned himself in to Sawyer and Miles and was put in the same cell as Sayid and Kate. He previously made arrangements to have Hurley pay off Ana Lucia some 135k to let them go. She is not ready for whatever grand experiment that is going to happen, and off Hurley and Sayid go in the hummer. And Kate and Desmond leave in the old Car that Hurley and his dad were restoring, in another life.

This was the final regular episode and on Sunday is the series finale that will go for 2 and half hours. How will it all tie up? Does the man in black get off the island? If it does what do they mean everyone will die? Or do they just think that, like they think the light exists in everyone and if it goes out there it goes out everywhere? What is the flash sideways! I hope it is not an epilogue or flash-forward, that this is the result of fake Locke sinking the island, I am pulling as I have said since last season that what we were watching was an altered past and the main time and the flash sideways will create each other, like one continues circle not knowing were one ends and one begins. I have faith it will be brilliant, sad, melancholy and the attention to details will be more clear after it is over. It is bittersweet that LOST  is ending, but great to know the answers finally.
Want to host a party?

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LOST Episode 6.15 Across the Sea Recap & Analysis “He ain't Smokie, He’s my brotha..from another motha, who actually is our mother…oh hell.

Early island flashback, birth of Jacob and his brother….”brother”, and their mother, “Mother” Lost has named its characters this week, the way I use to name my stuffed animals, meet bunny, and bunny-bunny.
This episode was entirely back story, and had none of our normal characters besides Jacob and the Man in black, who must be named brother, since they never addressed him by name.

A long long time ago in a galaxy either here or far away, jury is still out

A very pregnant woman named Claudia, who appeared to be in Roman or Greek dress came washing up on the shore from a shipwreck that she was separated from. While she is drinking from a stream in the valley on the island a mysterious woman comes to help her get cleaned up, deliver her babies and then kill her. Well she did apologize first. Claudia did not expect the two babies, she was only expecting one baby who she named Jacob, and the other baby may have been named, however the whole episode they only refer to him as Brother or love.

Thirteen years pass with the boys and their mother on the island, they believe this is all there is, nothing is across the sea only this island. “Brother” has a more inquisitive mind than Jacob, he has intuition, he is deemed special by his mother. He finds a game in the sand that likely washed up on shore (though their mother said she put it there) and knows how to play it, he just knows in the same way Locke always knew things. Jacob is a definite mommy’s boy, can’t tell a lie, and has only one fighting move, throw your opponent down and wail on his face.

Mommy issues, and no baby’s daddy to be seen

The mother seems to have a different fondness, sense of pride in the boy in black or “brother”. She smiles warmly while talking to him and states how he is special and is not like Jacob who doesn’t even know how to tell a good lie. At the end of her chat she gives him a motherly smooch. All of her interactions are warmer, and more emotional then hers with Jacob, whom she has a much more drier uninterested tone.

Walt materializes a bird in "Special"

Before she comes up to him there is a sea turtle on the beach, then it is gone. When they were talking about the game could of only come from here since, that is all there is, I thought about Walt, how he was special, how the birds appeared, maybe even the polar bears. Who knows maybe this kid brought the senet game, maybe he is the magic box.

We are here for a reason, what reason, we can’t tell you because we don’t actually know

The boys discover there are other people on the island, and they are not alone. Their mother tells them the others are not like them; they fight, destroy and corrupt. She has kept the babies away from these people and all people I imagine, because she believes she was able to keep the boys good. This is similar to the way we look at extreme homeschoolers.

She blind folds them and takes them on a little walk through the valley where the caves have been and they come upon a stream that goes under ground, beneath it has a glorious light that is illuminating the cavern. She warns them they cannot go down there; it is a fate worse than death. But down there is life, death and re birth, it is what exists in everyone, and if it went out on the island it would go out everywhere. She also mentioned this is the source, and the heart of the island. She has made it her job to protect it, who knows if anyone told her it needed protecting. But it is her job never-the-less, and it will one day be one of the two boy’s job. Jacob doesn’t seem that interested, and his brother finds it beautiful and is intrigued.

At least in her mind, she believes she is there to protect the island, and she believes they are different then regular people. She could be telling the truth or she could be crazy, probably a little of both, because she didn’t seem to age a day in forty-three years. This is not normal so she is different from the others, and made Jacob the same way. This could be a mystery that will be up to the viewer to decide.

The Grass is always Greener

All of this was still fine with both brothers until the ghost of Claudia shows up and tells “brother” where he is truly from, and how who they are calling “mother” is not only not their mother, this same woman killed their real mother, who is her by the way. This is not exactly good news for any person or child to receive. Is it really her, or the island?

Jacob can’t see her ( just like Hurley, and Sawyer could see Jacobs ghost talk to FLocke) this encounter is what led “brother” to go live with these other people, he didn’t belong on the island, and just like Ben Linus trying to escape Dharma for the others..”Brother” wants to escape his fate with his Mother and Jacob and what sounds like what becomes the others, to join, other others.

                                             Jacob gets all pissed off

It also forces some ugliness out of Jacob, who seems to sense that he lives in his brother’s shadow and his mother loves his brother more. He is angry and jealous and chooses to stay with his mother despite the fact she killed his biological mother because he loves her and needs her approval. Jacob has had his own issues of letting go, so it seems. “Brother is angry also with his mother for lying to him, and since he has this intuition and probably has known he belongs somewhere else.

Jacob and his brother keep in touch over a thirty year period, still playing the same Egyptian game Senet, the oldest game in the world. “Brother tells Jacob their mother maybe crazy but she was right about these people, they were in his opinion, untrustworthy, selfish, manipulative, and greedy. But he realizes they are a means to end, to getting off the island. Jacob is content living on the island, it is his home, it is all he knows and all he cares to know. If Jacob has one better quality then his brother it is his ability to be grateful. Not that there is anything wrong with his brothers quest for knowledge, just to the extreme he seems to be going to, to obtain it.

                          She wanted it to be him, but settled for Jacob

“I have no idea because you wouldn’t tell me”

Their mom shows up while “brother” is working in the cavern where the wheel is eventually built and tries to convince him to let go of what he is after, she doesn’t want him to leave. He shows her they found the light source another way and are making this contraption that will move water and the light and somehow he knows this will get him off the island. She is not happy because they will be using the light, which is her job (real or imagined) to protect. So she does what anyone would do, knocks him unconscious and somehow has the super human powers to get him out of the well, fill it in, and murder and burn the village. Could she be a smoke monster also?

After waking up and discovering the carnage (much in the way Luke Skywalker came home to Tatooine in Star Wars) “brother’ goes back to his original home in the caves, trashes the place and stabs his own mom in the back. She thanks him, and tells him she didn’t want him to leave because she loved him, laid on the guilt pretty thick there, but can’t say I blame her.

Jacob comes in and beats the crap out of his brother and decides to throw him down stream to the magic light so he can have a fate worse than death, since their mother made it (somehow) that they can’t kill each other, or at least she has them believe this. This is the first time Jacob has shown any balls, and I think he regretted it right afterwards but we can understand his rage, since his brother killed the only other person he ever loved. And in minutes he lost them both, and was alone on the island for who knows how long.

Jacobs brothers body is sucked down the stream into the light, the light goes out and out comes what we know as the smoke monster. Accompany this to what the man in black has already told us, that Jacob stole his body and his humanity that trip down stream seemed to remove his soul and energy and added it to some column of smoke. Or his body released the smoke monster, and it just has Jacobs’s brother’s memories, and it’s not the same guy at all. Jacob later finds his brothers body downstream.

Adam and Eve, in 2004

The Tragedy continues…. Adam & Eve

Jacob later lays his mother and brother to rest in the caves with two of the senet rocks. We are treated to a viewer flashback (House of the Rising Sun 1.04), which would be a flash forward from the islands point of view. I am guessing at this point the 40 or 50 years comment on how long they have been dead from Jack was incorrect and irrelevant. Perhaps at the time of writing that episode they didn’t decide how old the island was, they didn’t have identities for Adam and eve and just planned on having identities. Or it was just because Jack is a doctor not an archeologist, perhaps if Charlotte said it, it would be different. Either way, the time always seemed to be a useful clue, but it turned out to mean nothing.

This episode filled in some of the blanks, and as Mother said in the beginning, with each questions answered there were more questions to ask. The wheel is not built still and no idea if any of the other ancient structures are there besides the wells. The only disappointment is this seemed to be the last episode that would answer any mythology questions and it did not, but it did answer more important questions on how Jacob came to be there and what type of people he and his brother are.

The Truth is out There…Just not in here

In the end, I get the feeling LOST will be more a show of how there really is no truth, that it is all subjective. Everything is grey, there is no black and white, good and evil. This episode clearly shows how one person can be all things. Their mother is allegedly protecting the island, and still killed their mother and a whole village of people, probably with good intentions or is just crazy. Jacob kicks the crap out of his brother twice, once because he just doesn’t like what he is saying, and the other more justifiable…though if we say that then we can say so was his brothers actions with killing his mother. (vicious circle) In the end, Jacob decided to give his brother a fate worse than death, not exactly the actions of someone who is “good”. Whereas this other guy, sure he killed this woman who raised him for 13 years because she killed a whole bunch of people, but if we say he is evil for doing that, then we must say Jacob and his mom are also evil and all people who execute others who commit murders are also evil. And that may not be something anyone can say.

This episode in a way did answer many questions. The story of good versus evil on this show has been told all along that it is not so black and white. The mystery of the donkey wheel has been explained besides it just being something that was discovered by Dharma, but it was created by these people that crashed there who brought Jacob and his brother. They may not have completed building it, but someone else does, and it doesn’t really matter who does, we know Dharma uses it at some point by sending polar bears out into the desert. We know this because Charlotte excavated one with a Dharma collar in “Confirmed Dead” Season 4. We only need to know any more about it, if it has to do with the main plot, if it was turned at some point where it affected many things that have happened or seem to not make sense.

We are the Cause of our own suffering

In the end this episode awesomeness can be found in the fact that the smoke monster/ man in black/ brother entity were just another victim of the island. He wasn’t a bad guy, he just wanted to leave, find knowledge and answers. But now however many years later, he has become everything he said he didn’t like, he became manipulative, untrustworthy and selfish where he is putting his own desire to leave over everyone else’s lives. He criticized Jacob for wasting so many lives, but over the past several hundred years so has he.

Across the Sea also showed Jacob to not be this omnipotent deity, he was a regular mamma’s boy, living in his brothers shadow, with no male role model, who one day had no choice but to take on this job to protect his home. He is like any other working stiff in a role or job that they never asked for and didn't really want but stay in anyway. He lost everyone he loved, which was only two people and the fact that he has spent however many many years playing some game makes a bit of sense, even if it doesn’t seem “good”.

Questions Answered

• Jacob was born on the island, has a brother, and was conceived elsewhere

• The woman who raised him became a protector of the island, seemed to not age, and passed this on to Jacob

• The island has a powerful light

• Jacobs mom believes it contains, life, death, re birth, something that exists in everyone and it must be protected for if it went out it would go out everywhere

• The smoke Monster came out of the magic tunnel

New Questions

• Was she crazy, where did she come from?

• Is the brother dead and the smoke monster something that was released by Jacob that has his brother’s memories?

• Still don’t know when the wheel was put in and who used it first.

• How did she get them to not kill each other, or was that just a lie she hoped they never test? Or was it some witch-craft since she appeared to not age as well?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Candidate LOST episode 6.14, This episode comes with 4 boxes of tissues and 8 commonly said LOST statements

Both of these men are candidates
(Jack centric)

The episode begins with no previously on Lost with Locke waking up from surgery in the flash sideways. This episode we find out what put Locke in the wheelchair (this time), more weird passenger connections to the flight, Fake Locke is getting closer to getting off the island, people die and sadness takes over.

Off Island in the land of X, the other side of the looking glass

Jack lets Locke know he is a candidate for some new surgery where he may walk again. But Locke is resistant to surgery, in an earlier episode The Substitute after meeting Jack and considering calling him for a consultation he decides against it and does not want to believe in destiny and accepts he may always be in the chair. He still feels this way. Later on when Locke is leaving the hospital and Jack does find out why he is in the chair he asks him to stop punishing himself, learn to let go, whatever happened happened…how many lost clichés can we get into this episode? The answer is eight, well I could have missed some, but that is my official tally.

Jack goes on a search to find out what happened to put Locke in the wheel chair, because he knows he can fix him and since Jack here in the X time line still needs to fix things, still can’t let things go he does what all doctors do. He goes to find someone who will give him confidential patient doctor files so he can get some information to use to get what he wants and find what he is looking for.

“ Maybe you’re on to SomethingThere”

Jack meets up with Bernard who was working on some teeth and realizes the dentist who has the information about Locke was the same guy who was sitting across from him on the flight that he was on just one a week or so ago. Bernard thinks it’s pretty weird and has an excellent memory and remembers the other person in the accident with Locke, who was Anthony Cooper. So what if it was over three years ago, this is not strange to Bernard, nothing says he is a great dentist and has a lot of clients. Something about it though is odd.

ha-ha-ha..karma is a bitch!

Jack also made the rounds at the home where Cooper is living, and he discovers he is a “vegetable”
guess sawyer doesn’t need to kill him, since he is pretty much gone. Helen was visiting at the time and was bringing him a plant, wiped up some slobber and gives the impression this Anthony Cooper may not be as dastardly as the other. Which didn’t make me feel sorry for him, no, he ruined Sawyer’s , Locke’s and countless others lives with his cons. I still remember Locke yelling to him from that camera outside Cooper’s estate right after he got his kidney, if anyone deserves to be where ever he is, it’s Cooper.

Claire and the Mysterous Box, but not the magical one Ben told Locke about...or is it?

Jack later goes back to visit Locke who is asleep and dreaming about pushing the button, and starts repeating his suicide note he had written to Jack (I wish you‘d believed me) so long ago. Too bad Ben showed up then,(2007) since Locke was a candidate still, his attempt wouldn’t of worked. Jack is interrupted from watching Locke sleep when he sees Claire out in the hallway.

Claire never met Christian; we know he met her previously because of her mother’s accident, so perhaps there was no accident? Christian though died the same way, we know from the Main time line he went to Sydney to talk to Claire’s mom to see Claire. For some reason he willed Claire a music box that plays “Catch a falling star”, and we know that was a tune he sang to her as a child. Jack and Claire look into the box and see their reflection in the mirror but neither knows why this box is so important. Jack offers Claire to stay with him while she is in town since they are family. Glad he is not abandoning her here too.

“I wish you believed me”

Locke is on his way out of the Hospital and he passes Jin, bringing Sun flowers down the hallway when he runs into Jack. Locke finally tells him he broke his back three years ago in a plane crash when he just got his pilot’s license and he is responsible for the state his Dad is in. In this world, his Dad must of never tried to steal his kidney since that is what led to his anger problems, away from Helen and out a window four years earlier.

They have a discussion about how Jack can fix Locke, and he needs to stop punishing himself for what happened to his dad. Jack wants him to let go, he knows how hard that is and somehow he thinks this stranger should be the one to “go first”. Locke seems to have some vague déjà vu when he sees Jin, and hears Jacks final words to him that he could help him and he wished he believed him.

On the Island

Memories…like scattered Fish biscuits in the corners of the cages, musty water logged Fish biscuits of the way we were…

Widmore, Zoe and crew had Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, and Frank all marched to where Dharma did their zoological experiments back in the day on Hydra Island. Back in the cages but not for long, Smokey kills a bunch of the Widmore’s people. Who apparently haven’t been briefed about the powers of the smoke monster.

Jin and Sun catch up, she gives him back his ring and I say to my sister…”they are gonna die soon.” Jack, fake Locke and Sayid ‘rescue’ the captives from Widmore’s clutches and they head over down the road to where the plane landed. Sawyer and Kate must be having some kind of flashbacks of their own from their days on the chain gang making the runway, and the consummation of their relationship of course.

                                          This thing killed Eko, enough said

Fake Locke is by the plane first, he kills the foolish ones that are shooting at him, which Widmore didn’t seem to bother to tell any of them either he can’t be shot. Makes you wonder what he has all those guns for?

For some peculiar reason, fake Locke likes one of the dead guy's watches and takes it off his body. He then Discovers the plane is rigged with c4, well maybe he didn’t discover it, maybe he just found where it was placed since it obviously wasn’t flown there. Widmore likes his c4; somehow I think he had something to do with the missing shipment that Sayid’s friend was accused of taking way back before 815 ever landed on this island. Because coincidence is just a word on this show that takes on a different meaning.


I Don’t Trust that Thing one Bit….Just get it in the water.” Fake Locke has been demoted to an IT

Fake Locke convinces them that Widmore wants to get them all in a contained space and then of course kill them, he doesn’t know why and no one asks. So off they head to the “heavily guarded sub” that is not guarded what so ever. Sawyer doesn’t believe him, and when they are about to board the sub Fake Locke makes one last attempt to get Jack to leave because whoever told Jack he had to stay didn’t know what he was talking about. Then in one of my favorite moments of the episode, Jack knocks him in the water “JOHN LOCKE TOLD ME I NEEDED TO STAY!”

Suddenly there are people shooting from the trees while everyone finishes getting on the sub (minus Claire) about time someone shot Kate. Claire takes a few of them out all that island living turned this quiet Aussie mum into a lean mean killing machine.

You don’t want to be on that Submarine

The sub pulls away leaving Claire and Fake Locke on the dock. Jack soon realizes there is a bomb is his back pack, Locke pulled a switcheroo on him, and now the watch makes sense. Somehow he is a bomb making expert now but ok, guess he did that while he was waiting for them to show up at the plane. Smoke moves fast ya know. The bomb is going to go off in 3 minutes; there is not enough time to surface the sub. Jack has an epiphany that perhaps Fake Locke can’t kill them, and he is trying to get them to kill each other by detonating the bomb by trying to not detonate it. Very shrewd and screwed up.

Sawyer having some serious trust issues, still reeling over Juliet’s death the loss of what became his normal life. For three years he was no longer allowing anger and pain run his decisions (ever since he killed Anthony Cooper) but now with Juliet and all that gone he doesn’t believe Jack. The bombs timer picks up the pace and now they are trapped with nowhere to go and just over a minute to live.

Sayid who had seemed to regain some sense of himself lets Jack know that Desmond is in a well about a mile south of the camp they were just at and he must be important because Locke wanted him dead. Jack asks why he is telling him this and Sayid lets him know “it's going to be you Jack” (the candidate we assume) and off he runs down the hall with bomb in hand, to save his friends. He always said he was willing to give his life if it meant securing rescue, the Sayid I have known and loved was back, and then gone again in just over a minute. And now a moment of silence for our fallen lost Brotha

“Aw Hell”

As if that wasn’t tragic enough they decide to kill us some more with having Lapidius be taken out with a door, and Sun is trapped. While trying to rescue her Sawyer is knocked unconscious, everyone is desperate and trying to help each other. Kate being shot needed help out of there (see she always ruins everything) so Hurley swims her out to the beach. Jack had to let go and leave Jin and Sun, and they drown together, Jin unwilling to leave her. The whole time all I could think of was how they went through so much, wind up on this island, repair their relationship, and create a baby. Sun gets to leave and she thinks he is dead for years. But then gets the wonderful news he is not dead. She spends a few crazy weeks (or however long it has been) searching for him, following Locke who is not Locke, being chased by smoke monsters. Walking all over this crazy place all the while with their little one back at home, they finally are back together, they are going home…and then they just die. Seems wrong somehow.

Thanks goodness that damn Nicorrette Shark commercial came on after otherwise it would have been the waterworks for sure…and now a moment of silence for Lapidius, Jin and Sun

Fake Locke leaves in a huff to finish what he started since he must know if the candidates are alive or dead. Why did he want them to come back to the island then? If they never came back wouldn’t they just of died eventually anyway, couldn’t he have waited?

And where the hell is Richard, Ben and Miles? Did they get caught up in a game of risk?

Answers given
Uh…Fake Locke can’t kill them as the boy in the jungle stated…and X Locke is not in the chair for the same reason as main time line Locke. Nothing else of importance has jumped out at me.

LOST statements repeated

Whatever Happened happened

I hope you find what you’re looking for

They’re not my people

I wish you had believed me

You’re a candidate

Learn to let go

trust me

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The Last Recruit LOST episode 6.13 Recap & Analysis

After much is the recap of the last Lost episode 6.13 The Last Recruit which aired on April 20th, 2010

Multi-centric bits –Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Sayid, Nadia, Jack, Desmond, Claire, Locke, Ben, Jin, Sun, Illana

The following is sung to the tune of The Boat song from
Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

“Is there is any way of knowing, which direction this show is going…

Is FLocke evil, is it Widmore

Is Desmond dead in the well?

Not a speck of sensibility is showing, so the confusion must be growing,
whose sides and packages they may be stowing, and on boats they are rowing,
and they certainly aren’t showing any sign that they know what the f#%k is going on!!!!”

The insanity of this episode forced this parody of Willie Wonka's little tune out of me. Complete overload and I am working on processing it as I write this, so pardon any jumping around..I feel like our time flashers of last season.

The Flash Sideways, packed with 23 more characters

This episode seemed designed to get all of our lost friends all together again. Most were gathering at the hospital (Locke, Ben, Jin, Sun, Jack) others at the police station (Sawyer, Miles, Kate, Sayid) The sideways changed point of view of the candidates – Locke, Sawyer, Sayid, Claire (probably not a candidate though) Jack, Sun.

Oh what a coincidence! Over and over again, this time in the flash sideways they at least are talking about it, where on the island they were ignorant too many of these connections. Desmond showing up at the same place Claire is going to give up her baby and wow at the same time Jack is getting the will read, that conveniently they need her there for, and by the way Claire you have a brother, and a nephew.

Claire is a trusting soul, between letting Kate drive her to the hospital after Kate held her at gun point earlier this season and following the nice looking Scottish gent who seems to be appearing places, and will help her with a lawyer for her adoption, because you know those things are irreversible…well good thing she is meeting Jack who doesn’t think that way.

Nice to see Illana is a lawyer here, hopefully her life will have a bit more purpose than going to a weird island to bring some guy there who turns into a zombie and getting blown up.

Sun recognizes Locke for some reason, briefly…it’s him! She is ok, and so is the baby, good there

Sawyer caught Kate (and he likes her) and Sayid with Miles help. He acknowledges how weird it is that he met her on the plane and out of all the cars in LA she crashed into his. Sawyer and Miles track down Sayid “the bad guy” after his latest killing rampage. These scenes are filling in what has been going on for the past week or so, establishing the connections. All of this in the sideways has transpired in just over a week from the time the plane landed safely in LAX.

Back on the Island - Trust No one, really no one

Kate seemed to talk some sense into Claire, and maybe Desmond talked some into Sayid. I hope Hurly is right and they can come back from the dark side.

Sun and Jin were finally reunited, I was tense waiting for one or both of them to get shocked by the pylons but fortunately the pylons were not on. Sawyer got a bit teary over this reunion, but it may be short lived as it looks like Widmore wants to kill them all. He attempted to blow up Locke, maybe got a few others, but he rescued Jack, I guess he does need him so he can leave after all.

Smokey admits that he was Christian…really all the time? What about when he was on the freighter blowing up Michael, or when Jack saw him at the hospital in LA?

Well I never thought about it like that

Sayid is told he must kill Desmond, and Des makes a good point about what would Nadia think about what Sayid had to do to be with her or zombie her? We do not see him shoot Des, so maybe he did not after all. He took a while to get back to Fake Locke, because he needed a minute. Hopefully he helped Desmond out, I figure if he did shoot him we will be shown it as it would be greatly upsetting and they wouldn’t waste that drama.

The Last Recruit

Widmore sends that annoying girl Zoe to their camp to request Desmond back, she leaves the two-way radio which Fake Locke smashed with his stick…ah ha a purpose! Seems the hatred for technology is shared by him, real Locke and Jacob, see they had things in common all along, too bad they didn’t focus on these things. Zoe informs Locke they have until nightfall to return him, (which could be anytime, what was up with the night to day this episode) however they did not give them until nightfall and once Sawyer and crew, minus Jack showed up on Hydra Island, they shot off some missals

When Jack was face down in the sand he heard muffled shouting, it wasn’t Locke, what was that? Locke pulls Jack off to the side so he doesn’t want him dead, so maybe them all leaving together is the only way he can get off the island. But even though the candidates can’t kill themselves they can be killed, they can kill each other or be killed by Widmore, so not sure if he does need all of them or just one.

Jack said when he left the island last he felt as if a piece of him was missing. He did have to leave some of his friends behind, but they were friends he has only known for 3 months. However, having survived what they did would create greater bonds. Sadly I don’t think he meant Claire since right after she got done telling him she trusted fake Locke because he was the only one who didn’t abandon her, Jack decides to get the cool kids together…and abandon her. Still makes me think about the sideways and that part of him, and which came first.

The End is near, Repent!

There is just 3 more regular episodes and the 2 hour finale and there seems to be a good deal of wrapping up to happen.  I will write up another post of the big questions left to be answered or that seem to not have a complete answer. But for now the biggest question is what is the Sideways and how does it relate to the Main story we have been watching for six years?

If Ben never turned the wheel – Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, Miles, Charlotte and Locke wouldn’t of turned the wheel again – Rousseau’s team would not have been brought to the island – no Alex to be killed by Keamy or to rescue Sawyer and Kate – The Drug plane would of never wound up on the island – Boone would not be dead – So far in our sideways world we do know that Alex and her mother are in LA, I imagine in either scenario they would not have made it to the island.

Think of time as one long line that does not end in what we consider the present, instead of thinking that tomorrow hasn’t happened yet because it hasn’t happened to us, think what if it has already?

Thinking of time like this allows the story of them flashing and always being part of the history and why they are there to make sense. Because they are there in a very early time on the island, well before the black rock arrives to destroy the statue.

This also explains why they were never suppose to leave (hurly, jack, Kate, Sayid)

The Flashing
The flashing is what made them part of the island why 815 took them there, and them being there is why the flashing happened…chicken or egg came first?

So the real question is, did Jughead negate the energy that was released but not the pocket? Hence the concrete and numbers to be put into the swan and everything else that unfolded that we already know. The bomb may have changed things, but only because the wheel was turned…because the wheel was turned these changes happened. You can think this may be true since the island is still there during our main time line of 2007/2008.

What the Flash Sideways does show
So the flash sideways with a submerged island maybe the result of the wheel not being turned and them not negating the energy. Perhaps the power would have just pulled the thing to the bottom of the ocean. Or is it the bomb that negated the energy, and destroyed the pocket and that energy is what holds the island up to begin with since it’s a magical place with a frozen donkey wheel…its not a regular island. So maybe the EMF pockets where keeping it a float so if that energy is canceled out then maybe it will sink. Which would then mean an altered reality had to be created from that event since those people exist in the one they are in…and they flashed back to that time they came in?

The Flash sideways shows them never being on the island and most of the people that were there are not now, so they didn’t go down with it. The whole thing of 815 was created to save the island from sinking, which may be what they did with Jughead…where if they were never there and the wheel never turned they would of not saved it…hence making the sideways seem to be a prologue in a sense, but maybe not exactly considering the way time is used on this show. Sideways shows without Jacobs’s interference, without Desmond winding up on the island…if he didn’t they would all be dead? Everything would just “cease to be”, which is interesting because it’s what Widmore tells Desmond. Basically saying he has some sacrifice to make to keep that reality intact, so it doesn’t cease to be, and this sounds to be the very nature of the war.

The war seems to be over which timeline will prevail.

The real question lies with trying to find what connects the two timelines, because there is one, since Des, Charlie, Libby, Hurley and Faraday have had visions of another life.

These guys hold all the answers! Not the frog...or does he? Damn this show!!!

Questions Answered

Fake Locke was Christian, led Jack to water

New Questions

What was Jack hearing when the missile exploded?

IF Smokey was Christian how did he appear off island on the freighter and in LA?