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The Last Recruit LOST episode 6.13 Recap & Analysis

After much is the recap of the last Lost episode 6.13 The Last Recruit which aired on April 20th, 2010

Multi-centric bits –Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Sayid, Nadia, Jack, Desmond, Claire, Locke, Ben, Jin, Sun, Illana

The following is sung to the tune of The Boat song from
Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

“Is there is any way of knowing, which direction this show is going…

Is FLocke evil, is it Widmore

Is Desmond dead in the well?

Not a speck of sensibility is showing, so the confusion must be growing,
whose sides and packages they may be stowing, and on boats they are rowing,
and they certainly aren’t showing any sign that they know what the f#%k is going on!!!!”

The insanity of this episode forced this parody of Willie Wonka's little tune out of me. Complete overload and I am working on processing it as I write this, so pardon any jumping around..I feel like our time flashers of last season.

The Flash Sideways, packed with 23 more characters

This episode seemed designed to get all of our lost friends all together again. Most were gathering at the hospital (Locke, Ben, Jin, Sun, Jack) others at the police station (Sawyer, Miles, Kate, Sayid) The sideways changed point of view of the candidates – Locke, Sawyer, Sayid, Claire (probably not a candidate though) Jack, Sun.

Oh what a coincidence! Over and over again, this time in the flash sideways they at least are talking about it, where on the island they were ignorant too many of these connections. Desmond showing up at the same place Claire is going to give up her baby and wow at the same time Jack is getting the will read, that conveniently they need her there for, and by the way Claire you have a brother, and a nephew.

Claire is a trusting soul, between letting Kate drive her to the hospital after Kate held her at gun point earlier this season and following the nice looking Scottish gent who seems to be appearing places, and will help her with a lawyer for her adoption, because you know those things are irreversible…well good thing she is meeting Jack who doesn’t think that way.

Nice to see Illana is a lawyer here, hopefully her life will have a bit more purpose than going to a weird island to bring some guy there who turns into a zombie and getting blown up.

Sun recognizes Locke for some reason, briefly…it’s him! She is ok, and so is the baby, good there

Sawyer caught Kate (and he likes her) and Sayid with Miles help. He acknowledges how weird it is that he met her on the plane and out of all the cars in LA she crashed into his. Sawyer and Miles track down Sayid “the bad guy” after his latest killing rampage. These scenes are filling in what has been going on for the past week or so, establishing the connections. All of this in the sideways has transpired in just over a week from the time the plane landed safely in LAX.

Back on the Island - Trust No one, really no one

Kate seemed to talk some sense into Claire, and maybe Desmond talked some into Sayid. I hope Hurly is right and they can come back from the dark side.

Sun and Jin were finally reunited, I was tense waiting for one or both of them to get shocked by the pylons but fortunately the pylons were not on. Sawyer got a bit teary over this reunion, but it may be short lived as it looks like Widmore wants to kill them all. He attempted to blow up Locke, maybe got a few others, but he rescued Jack, I guess he does need him so he can leave after all.

Smokey admits that he was Christian…really all the time? What about when he was on the freighter blowing up Michael, or when Jack saw him at the hospital in LA?

Well I never thought about it like that

Sayid is told he must kill Desmond, and Des makes a good point about what would Nadia think about what Sayid had to do to be with her or zombie her? We do not see him shoot Des, so maybe he did not after all. He took a while to get back to Fake Locke, because he needed a minute. Hopefully he helped Desmond out, I figure if he did shoot him we will be shown it as it would be greatly upsetting and they wouldn’t waste that drama.

The Last Recruit

Widmore sends that annoying girl Zoe to their camp to request Desmond back, she leaves the two-way radio which Fake Locke smashed with his stick…ah ha a purpose! Seems the hatred for technology is shared by him, real Locke and Jacob, see they had things in common all along, too bad they didn’t focus on these things. Zoe informs Locke they have until nightfall to return him, (which could be anytime, what was up with the night to day this episode) however they did not give them until nightfall and once Sawyer and crew, minus Jack showed up on Hydra Island, they shot off some missals

When Jack was face down in the sand he heard muffled shouting, it wasn’t Locke, what was that? Locke pulls Jack off to the side so he doesn’t want him dead, so maybe them all leaving together is the only way he can get off the island. But even though the candidates can’t kill themselves they can be killed, they can kill each other or be killed by Widmore, so not sure if he does need all of them or just one.

Jack said when he left the island last he felt as if a piece of him was missing. He did have to leave some of his friends behind, but they were friends he has only known for 3 months. However, having survived what they did would create greater bonds. Sadly I don’t think he meant Claire since right after she got done telling him she trusted fake Locke because he was the only one who didn’t abandon her, Jack decides to get the cool kids together…and abandon her. Still makes me think about the sideways and that part of him, and which came first.

The End is near, Repent!

There is just 3 more regular episodes and the 2 hour finale and there seems to be a good deal of wrapping up to happen.  I will write up another post of the big questions left to be answered or that seem to not have a complete answer. But for now the biggest question is what is the Sideways and how does it relate to the Main story we have been watching for six years?

If Ben never turned the wheel – Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, Miles, Charlotte and Locke wouldn’t of turned the wheel again – Rousseau’s team would not have been brought to the island – no Alex to be killed by Keamy or to rescue Sawyer and Kate – The Drug plane would of never wound up on the island – Boone would not be dead – So far in our sideways world we do know that Alex and her mother are in LA, I imagine in either scenario they would not have made it to the island.

Think of time as one long line that does not end in what we consider the present, instead of thinking that tomorrow hasn’t happened yet because it hasn’t happened to us, think what if it has already?

Thinking of time like this allows the story of them flashing and always being part of the history and why they are there to make sense. Because they are there in a very early time on the island, well before the black rock arrives to destroy the statue.

This also explains why they were never suppose to leave (hurly, jack, Kate, Sayid)

The Flashing
The flashing is what made them part of the island why 815 took them there, and them being there is why the flashing happened…chicken or egg came first?

So the real question is, did Jughead negate the energy that was released but not the pocket? Hence the concrete and numbers to be put into the swan and everything else that unfolded that we already know. The bomb may have changed things, but only because the wheel was turned…because the wheel was turned these changes happened. You can think this may be true since the island is still there during our main time line of 2007/2008.

What the Flash Sideways does show
So the flash sideways with a submerged island maybe the result of the wheel not being turned and them not negating the energy. Perhaps the power would have just pulled the thing to the bottom of the ocean. Or is it the bomb that negated the energy, and destroyed the pocket and that energy is what holds the island up to begin with since it’s a magical place with a frozen donkey wheel…its not a regular island. So maybe the EMF pockets where keeping it a float so if that energy is canceled out then maybe it will sink. Which would then mean an altered reality had to be created from that event since those people exist in the one they are in…and they flashed back to that time they came in?

The Flash sideways shows them never being on the island and most of the people that were there are not now, so they didn’t go down with it. The whole thing of 815 was created to save the island from sinking, which may be what they did with Jughead…where if they were never there and the wheel never turned they would of not saved it…hence making the sideways seem to be a prologue in a sense, but maybe not exactly considering the way time is used on this show. Sideways shows without Jacobs’s interference, without Desmond winding up on the island…if he didn’t they would all be dead? Everything would just “cease to be”, which is interesting because it’s what Widmore tells Desmond. Basically saying he has some sacrifice to make to keep that reality intact, so it doesn’t cease to be, and this sounds to be the very nature of the war.

The war seems to be over which timeline will prevail.

The real question lies with trying to find what connects the two timelines, because there is one, since Des, Charlie, Libby, Hurley and Faraday have had visions of another life.

These guys hold all the answers! Not the frog...or does he? Damn this show!!!

Questions Answered

Fake Locke was Christian, led Jack to water

New Questions

What was Jack hearing when the missile exploded?

IF Smokey was Christian how did he appear off island on the freighter and in LA?

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