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LOST( episode 6.12) Everybody loves Hugo – “Have a Cluckity-Cluck Day Hugo”

This episode has people just running into each other and was EXPLOSIVE

Hurley-centric No Mirror reflections for you!

Hurley in X …aka Hugo, is a rich and loving guy that everyone loves so much they have given him a ‘Man of the Year Award’ from the Paleontology wing of the Museum that Chang works for in the shape of a dinosaur. Hugo has always had a thing for dinosaurs, early on he thought what turned out to be the smoke monster was a dinosaur, so it seems appropriate.

Hugo isn’t lucky with the ladies so much.(as seen in the Main Time Line as well) Mom wants to send him on a blind date and as luck would have it, he runs into Libby who knows him. The only problems are he doesn’t know her and well she was at that restaurant on an outing with the Santa Rosa mental Health patients, and she is one of them.

Desmond runs into to Hurley also and convinces him to go find Libby, ya never know brother she maybe your soul mate. Hurley in this reality doesn’t have as much confidence as I first guessed judging on his need for fried chicken when he is depressed, and his lack of girl-mojo. He does proeceed to find out about the mysterous blonde who knows him, even though he just met Desmond, he decides to go find Libby.

Of course it costs him 100,000 dollars to fix up the rec. room of Santa Rosa, but in his other life he spent a bit of time there, heck it was that life that led him to the dang island because of Leonard Sims and his constant number ramblings that Hurley played in the lottery and won and thus went to Australia to find out what the numbers meant, which led him to the island, and then Rousseau told him they were numbers she was following also and were cursed.

Libby and Hurley finally have their picnic on the beach, they kiss and suddenly some flashes come back to him. She somehow knew about the other life, the plane crash, Hurley, they liked each other. Don’t know if she had a near death experience or not. Des is sitting off in his car smiling like cupid, then later he runs down Locke in a parking lot. Weird. Surprise number two

On Island

I’ve been training my whole life for this……to blow up? Seems wrong somehow

It starts off with a bang, after Hurley talks to Michael’s ghost he finds out they shouldn’t go blow up the plane because they will all die. We also know that Hurley has never seen Libby’s ghost sadly. Illana is getting dynamite to protect them she puts her bag down and blows up. Giving us surprise number one.

Well the island was through with her, and when it’s done with you it likes to blow you up some of the time.

Past exploders – Artz, Michael, Patchy, the sub, the satellite station, later the black rock

This departing of Illana doesn’t slow down our Losties too much, with the limited amount of time left with the series and the fact they are probably getting use to these things they gather themselves together and move on to plan B, which is really the same plan.

DY-NO-MITE! (courtesy of Jimmy Walker)

Hurley finds a red book in a foreign language and a bag of something (black and white rocks perhaps, Jacobs ashes?) in what may have been Illana’s tent, he puts them aside when Richard starts frantically packing up to continue Illana’s mission to the black rock for more dynamite for the destruction of the plane. They are not aware of the submarine at this point, I still don’t know why real Locke blew up the other one. I know he wanted to stay, but couldn’t he have achieved that without dashing everyone else’s hopes? Sheesh, probably could of prevented all these things from happening…

So Hurley is the new John Locke and after convincing everyone to go to the Black Rock to get the dynamite, he sets it off and blows the thing up.

This leads to a new divide – Ben, Richard and Miles: Jack, Hurly, Sun and Frank…looks like Locke got his way, they are all together again…except Jin, whom Widmore has. But Richard is still hell bent on blowing things up and wants to head back to the Dharma Barracks to get some grenades or whatever bomb like stuff they have there, hey there should be a nuke buried somewhere. Hurley has the not-so-well-thought-out-idea to just go talk to ‘Locke’. Miles doesn’t seem to think this Fake Locke is the talking type, and since Ben and Richard have been on this island for some time, and probably have a better idea what is going on, decide to stick together.

“You talk to wood now?”

At the other camp Fake Locke is wildling some wood into something unknown to him and Sawyer is much like the original Sawyer who crashed on this island 3+ years ago. He is angrily wondering why they haven’t gotten Jin back, and what they are going to do next. Fake Locke lets him know they will leave as soon as Jack, Hurley and Sun come to the dark side.

Sayid returns with the package, and since Fake Locke doesn’t like secrets, Sayid and him go off to discuss this…in secret..and then Fake Locke secretly leaves with Desmond. During his travels with Des they see the secret boy that Richard didn't see but Sawyer and now Des has seen. The kid looks like Jacob, but who knows what it means since Fake Locke is being so secretive about it, and thus is also a hypocrite. (Please stop defiling Lockes image fake Locke person that i want to like but can't)

“We are sending our love down a well…All the way Down!"

Fake Locke just wants to show Des the well, real up close I guess. Because after a brief history lesson on how the original people who dug it did so by hand to find out why compasses spin, but didn’t find out anything, he asks Des why he isn’t afraid of him. Desmond responds with “what’s the point of fear? Fake Locke lives with fear, and uses it on people, in an effort to support his beliefs much in the way people who justify their own beliefs based in insecurity. And I guess it pissed him off so he tosses Des down the well, maybe having a little bit of fear would of kept him from being tossed, or who knows, maybe Fake Locke would of turned into Smokey and tossed Des around like a doll for awhile.

This is also not the same well behind the orchid where the donkey wheel resides, Flocke even told us as much after explaining about those hardworking well diggers. " This isn't the only well." And if you look at the area, the other well was behind the statue near the sea, and near the orchid but still in the jungle, not an open grassy field. It also most notiably, had strange structures around it.

The well by the orchid where the frozen Donkey wheel is housed

Fake Locke returns back to camp and not too long after Sawyer asked about his plans, in walks the remaining candidates and a pilot to get off the island, thanks Michael.

Oh and the whispers are the dead on the island.....yes I find this explaination weak also. Many of us suspected the whispers to be the dead, but somehow I did not expect it to be explained so casually. I guess because Hurley's super ghost powers were not active when he was first on the island, and it must of developed from having left, so what does that mean?

The episode concludes with Desmond looking like a pedophile outside the school Ben and Locke teach for, when he is really waiting for Locke to come rolling by. Unexpectedly he runs him down, which asks many questions on his motives. Since he is attempting to show all of the passengers ‘something’, is he giving Locke a near death experience? But he just had a little pow-wow with Hugo he didn't try to drown him in chicken or anything, so is there some other motivation?

New Questions

• Did Libby have a near death experience?

• Desmond runs down Locke…who is not the MIB in X..I guess, was he mad about the whole well thing, or is he just trying to give him a near death experience?

• Did Fake Locke expect to kill Desmond or just keep him down there for awhile?

Question Answered

The whispers are ghosts, people trapped that can’t move on because of what they have done, or thats a lie, it was just laid out there by Michael and Hurley and a six year mystery was resolved in less than a minute.

Flash Sideways Differences & Similarities

• Hugo / Hurley is considered ‘lucky’ he was very wealthy in both times, but was also plagued by bad luck, so far no mention of this and Grandpa Tito is still alive (died of a heart attack the day Hurley won in the MTL)

• Hurley was previously in Santa Rosa for guilt from a deck collapse, but here he never wound up there and was just visiting it for the first time

• Libby never met Hurley until they were on the island, but she was in Santa Rosa well before at when Hurley was also there, but he didn’t remember that in the MTL

• Desmond gave Ben the name of his son Charlie, who exists in the MTL, but not the time line they are in (coincidence or knowledge? Voting knowledge)

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