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LOST episode 6.16 What They Died for….a Light? Thanks Jacob that really explains it. Recap & Analysis

The Last regular episode of LOST, known as the penultimate episode
Multi-centric Flash Sideways featuring: Jack, Desmond, Locke, Ben, Sayid, Kate, Miles, Sawyer, Alex and Danielle

Desmond is still collecting people in the flash sideways and is getting them to go to a concert at the Museum that Miles’ Dad and Charlotte both work at, and David, Jack’s son is also playing piano. He seems to be a man with a plan, wanting to help them “let go” but for what reason? Fake Locke is off on a new mission of search and destroy.

On Island

The Days and Nights just start to blur together

The evening of death is over with Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley on the beach from the explosion on the submarine. Jack repays Kate from early on in the first episode by stitching her up from her gunshot wound. Good thing he had a sewing kit on him. Kate decides they need to kill Fake Locke since he killed so many people, as if that will bring them back, but then again on this show, maybe it will. They decide they need to go off and find Desmond who was left in a well somewhere not too far from where they are now.

Ben, Miles and Richard are still wandering the island to the Dharma Barracks, seems as if it has taken them days to get there from the Beach. Normally it is a day and half walk, but the time on the island seems to have been speeding up, no one has noticed this yet but us the viewer. They decide to retrieve some C4 Ben had been holding onto, “just incase” to go blow the plane to hell as Richard put it. While doing this they are interrupted by Zoe pillaging Ben’s cabinets. Within moments, Widmore walks in and scares the crap out of Ben.

Let the bodies hit the floor

They know Fake Locke is on his way over to them so Ben tells Zoe and Widmore to hide in his closet, while Miles makes a run for it. Ben and Richard decide to wait for the arrival of the smoke monster who promptly throws Richard into a tree. Which better not be the end of him.

Fake Locke tells Ben he needs him to kill some more people for him and in exchange Ben gets the island all to himself. Maybe Ben cares about this, maybe he doesn’t, he typically has a plan so perhaps he only appears to align himself with fake Locke. He was willing to have Widmore executed, since Widmore is still just as responsible for the death of Alex as Ben is.

First he kills Zoe since " she wasn't going to tell him anything therefore she is pointless"..yeah that is what we have all been saying. Widmore whispers to Fake Locke why he is here, that Jacob told him how to get back to the island, he visited him shortly after the freighter went ka-boom. And he brought Desmond to the island as a measure of last resort (which use to be moving the island, but that must be a different measure of last resort) because of his ability to withstand Electromagnetism and he is a failsafe…for what, who knows.

Fake Locke and Ben went over to the well, found no love, and no Desmond. So plan C is put forth, Locke figures Desmond can help him destroy the island, so much for Ben being able to have it all to himself.

This Island of Misfit Toys, part of the Juxtaposition Galaxy

Meanwhile, Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley are on their way to rescue Des when Hurley runs into Ghost boy Jacob, who wants his ashes and runs off with them. Hurley follows to find grown up Jacob, burning his ashes, and when the ashes are gone so will he be. They must be magic ashes since ash is ash and is the result of stuff burning so not sure how that is possible, but then again how is an island moving all the time possible and the surviving of a plane breaking apart 30,000 feet in the air with only scratches.

Suddenly its night time again, and they have a pow-wow around the camp fire, Kate is pissed and wants to know what Sayid, Jin and Sun died for. Everyone wants to know why they are there, what is the deal with the cave and Jacob tells them, sort of. He tells them they have to protect the light from the monster. And they buy it!! Really why not just put up them pylons, save everyone all the trouble?

Jacob explains they were all flawed and he brought them to the island because they were like him, alone and needing to find meaning and the island needed them as much as they needed the island. He needs to find a candidate to replace him, and Kate could have it too if she wanted, he crossed her off because she became a mom. Which is better then what Smokey does when the island is done with them, or what it did to Illana. No one is jumping at the job except Jack and as Sawyer put it, Jack has the god complex. Jacob then initiated Jack and told him he could find the light, at the heart of the island which is just beyond a ridge past the bamboo field he was in when he first got to the island.

Flash Sideways

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, What I am seeing is not familar at All

Begins with Jack waking in the morning to notice more blood on his neck, he is puzzled but maybe he was just scratching himself. We know better, we just don’t know what it means yet. Most of our charachters have caught themselves in the mirror and each time they seemed puzzled or disappointed in what they see reflected back at them. Jack, David and Claire have a nice breakfast when Desmond calls impersonating someone from Oceanic to say they found his Dads coffin, and it will be there in the evening.

This day in the flash sideways universe continues on for Des, he stops by the school and wails on Ben’s face some more, (Jacob taught him his killer one move) telling him he was just helping Locke let go. And it brings a flash to Ben of a previous time he was getting his face beat in. Ben gets fixed up at the school nurses office when Locke seems him and they share this information. Which prompts Locke to go see Jack and schedule the surgery, he is finally ready to get out of the chair.

"Your like the Nicest Guy ever ...

Ben goes off to dinner with Alex and Danielle, could that be romance blossoming? Danielle tells him he is the closest thing to a father, and Alex’s real dad died when she was two.He is noticeably choked up, maybe he doesn’t know why because this Ben would be appalled by his otherself. How funny was it that Danielle joked that they would kidnap him if he didn't come to dinner willingly, (sigh) if she only knew.

After Desmond was done wailing on Ben he turned himself in to Sawyer and Miles and was put in the same cell as Sayid and Kate. He previously made arrangements to have Hurley pay off Ana Lucia some 135k to let them go. She is not ready for whatever grand experiment that is going to happen, and off Hurley and Sayid go in the hummer. And Kate and Desmond leave in the old Car that Hurley and his dad were restoring, in another life.

This was the final regular episode and on Sunday is the series finale that will go for 2 and half hours. How will it all tie up? Does the man in black get off the island? If it does what do they mean everyone will die? Or do they just think that, like they think the light exists in everyone and if it goes out there it goes out everywhere? What is the flash sideways! I hope it is not an epilogue or flash-forward, that this is the result of fake Locke sinking the island, I am pulling as I have said since last season that what we were watching was an altered past and the main time and the flash sideways will create each other, like one continues circle not knowing were one ends and one begins. I have faith it will be brilliant, sad, melancholy and the attention to details will be more clear after it is over. It is bittersweet that LOST  is ending, but great to know the answers finally.
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