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The Candidate LOST episode 6.14, This episode comes with 4 boxes of tissues and 8 commonly said LOST statements

Both of these men are candidates
(Jack centric)

The episode begins with no previously on Lost with Locke waking up from surgery in the flash sideways. This episode we find out what put Locke in the wheelchair (this time), more weird passenger connections to the flight, Fake Locke is getting closer to getting off the island, people die and sadness takes over.

Off Island in the land of X, the other side of the looking glass

Jack lets Locke know he is a candidate for some new surgery where he may walk again. But Locke is resistant to surgery, in an earlier episode The Substitute after meeting Jack and considering calling him for a consultation he decides against it and does not want to believe in destiny and accepts he may always be in the chair. He still feels this way. Later on when Locke is leaving the hospital and Jack does find out why he is in the chair he asks him to stop punishing himself, learn to let go, whatever happened happened…how many lost clichés can we get into this episode? The answer is eight, well I could have missed some, but that is my official tally.

Jack goes on a search to find out what happened to put Locke in the wheel chair, because he knows he can fix him and since Jack here in the X time line still needs to fix things, still can’t let things go he does what all doctors do. He goes to find someone who will give him confidential patient doctor files so he can get some information to use to get what he wants and find what he is looking for.

“ Maybe you’re on to SomethingThere”

Jack meets up with Bernard who was working on some teeth and realizes the dentist who has the information about Locke was the same guy who was sitting across from him on the flight that he was on just one a week or so ago. Bernard thinks it’s pretty weird and has an excellent memory and remembers the other person in the accident with Locke, who was Anthony Cooper. So what if it was over three years ago, this is not strange to Bernard, nothing says he is a great dentist and has a lot of clients. Something about it though is odd.

ha-ha-ha..karma is a bitch!

Jack also made the rounds at the home where Cooper is living, and he discovers he is a “vegetable”
guess sawyer doesn’t need to kill him, since he is pretty much gone. Helen was visiting at the time and was bringing him a plant, wiped up some slobber and gives the impression this Anthony Cooper may not be as dastardly as the other. Which didn’t make me feel sorry for him, no, he ruined Sawyer’s , Locke’s and countless others lives with his cons. I still remember Locke yelling to him from that camera outside Cooper’s estate right after he got his kidney, if anyone deserves to be where ever he is, it’s Cooper.

Claire and the Mysterous Box, but not the magical one Ben told Locke about...or is it?

Jack later goes back to visit Locke who is asleep and dreaming about pushing the button, and starts repeating his suicide note he had written to Jack (I wish you‘d believed me) so long ago. Too bad Ben showed up then,(2007) since Locke was a candidate still, his attempt wouldn’t of worked. Jack is interrupted from watching Locke sleep when he sees Claire out in the hallway.

Claire never met Christian; we know he met her previously because of her mother’s accident, so perhaps there was no accident? Christian though died the same way, we know from the Main time line he went to Sydney to talk to Claire’s mom to see Claire. For some reason he willed Claire a music box that plays “Catch a falling star”, and we know that was a tune he sang to her as a child. Jack and Claire look into the box and see their reflection in the mirror but neither knows why this box is so important. Jack offers Claire to stay with him while she is in town since they are family. Glad he is not abandoning her here too.

“I wish you believed me”

Locke is on his way out of the Hospital and he passes Jin, bringing Sun flowers down the hallway when he runs into Jack. Locke finally tells him he broke his back three years ago in a plane crash when he just got his pilot’s license and he is responsible for the state his Dad is in. In this world, his Dad must of never tried to steal his kidney since that is what led to his anger problems, away from Helen and out a window four years earlier.

They have a discussion about how Jack can fix Locke, and he needs to stop punishing himself for what happened to his dad. Jack wants him to let go, he knows how hard that is and somehow he thinks this stranger should be the one to “go first”. Locke seems to have some vague déjà vu when he sees Jin, and hears Jacks final words to him that he could help him and he wished he believed him.

On the Island

Memories…like scattered Fish biscuits in the corners of the cages, musty water logged Fish biscuits of the way we were…

Widmore, Zoe and crew had Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, and Frank all marched to where Dharma did their zoological experiments back in the day on Hydra Island. Back in the cages but not for long, Smokey kills a bunch of the Widmore’s people. Who apparently haven’t been briefed about the powers of the smoke monster.

Jin and Sun catch up, she gives him back his ring and I say to my sister…”they are gonna die soon.” Jack, fake Locke and Sayid ‘rescue’ the captives from Widmore’s clutches and they head over down the road to where the plane landed. Sawyer and Kate must be having some kind of flashbacks of their own from their days on the chain gang making the runway, and the consummation of their relationship of course.

                                          This thing killed Eko, enough said

Fake Locke is by the plane first, he kills the foolish ones that are shooting at him, which Widmore didn’t seem to bother to tell any of them either he can’t be shot. Makes you wonder what he has all those guns for?

For some peculiar reason, fake Locke likes one of the dead guy's watches and takes it off his body. He then Discovers the plane is rigged with c4, well maybe he didn’t discover it, maybe he just found where it was placed since it obviously wasn’t flown there. Widmore likes his c4; somehow I think he had something to do with the missing shipment that Sayid’s friend was accused of taking way back before 815 ever landed on this island. Because coincidence is just a word on this show that takes on a different meaning.


I Don’t Trust that Thing one Bit….Just get it in the water.” Fake Locke has been demoted to an IT

Fake Locke convinces them that Widmore wants to get them all in a contained space and then of course kill them, he doesn’t know why and no one asks. So off they head to the “heavily guarded sub” that is not guarded what so ever. Sawyer doesn’t believe him, and when they are about to board the sub Fake Locke makes one last attempt to get Jack to leave because whoever told Jack he had to stay didn’t know what he was talking about. Then in one of my favorite moments of the episode, Jack knocks him in the water “JOHN LOCKE TOLD ME I NEEDED TO STAY!”

Suddenly there are people shooting from the trees while everyone finishes getting on the sub (minus Claire) about time someone shot Kate. Claire takes a few of them out all that island living turned this quiet Aussie mum into a lean mean killing machine.

You don’t want to be on that Submarine

The sub pulls away leaving Claire and Fake Locke on the dock. Jack soon realizes there is a bomb is his back pack, Locke pulled a switcheroo on him, and now the watch makes sense. Somehow he is a bomb making expert now but ok, guess he did that while he was waiting for them to show up at the plane. Smoke moves fast ya know. The bomb is going to go off in 3 minutes; there is not enough time to surface the sub. Jack has an epiphany that perhaps Fake Locke can’t kill them, and he is trying to get them to kill each other by detonating the bomb by trying to not detonate it. Very shrewd and screwed up.

Sawyer having some serious trust issues, still reeling over Juliet’s death the loss of what became his normal life. For three years he was no longer allowing anger and pain run his decisions (ever since he killed Anthony Cooper) but now with Juliet and all that gone he doesn’t believe Jack. The bombs timer picks up the pace and now they are trapped with nowhere to go and just over a minute to live.

Sayid who had seemed to regain some sense of himself lets Jack know that Desmond is in a well about a mile south of the camp they were just at and he must be important because Locke wanted him dead. Jack asks why he is telling him this and Sayid lets him know “it's going to be you Jack” (the candidate we assume) and off he runs down the hall with bomb in hand, to save his friends. He always said he was willing to give his life if it meant securing rescue, the Sayid I have known and loved was back, and then gone again in just over a minute. And now a moment of silence for our fallen lost Brotha

“Aw Hell”

As if that wasn’t tragic enough they decide to kill us some more with having Lapidius be taken out with a door, and Sun is trapped. While trying to rescue her Sawyer is knocked unconscious, everyone is desperate and trying to help each other. Kate being shot needed help out of there (see she always ruins everything) so Hurley swims her out to the beach. Jack had to let go and leave Jin and Sun, and they drown together, Jin unwilling to leave her. The whole time all I could think of was how they went through so much, wind up on this island, repair their relationship, and create a baby. Sun gets to leave and she thinks he is dead for years. But then gets the wonderful news he is not dead. She spends a few crazy weeks (or however long it has been) searching for him, following Locke who is not Locke, being chased by smoke monsters. Walking all over this crazy place all the while with their little one back at home, they finally are back together, they are going home…and then they just die. Seems wrong somehow.

Thanks goodness that damn Nicorrette Shark commercial came on after otherwise it would have been the waterworks for sure…and now a moment of silence for Lapidius, Jin and Sun

Fake Locke leaves in a huff to finish what he started since he must know if the candidates are alive or dead. Why did he want them to come back to the island then? If they never came back wouldn’t they just of died eventually anyway, couldn’t he have waited?

And where the hell is Richard, Ben and Miles? Did they get caught up in a game of risk?

Answers given
Uh…Fake Locke can’t kill them as the boy in the jungle stated…and X Locke is not in the chair for the same reason as main time line Locke. Nothing else of importance has jumped out at me.

LOST statements repeated

Whatever Happened happened

I hope you find what you’re looking for

They’re not my people

I wish you had believed me

You’re a candidate

Learn to let go

trust me

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