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LOST Episode 6.10 The Package…it’s not a what, it’s a WHO…Welcome to Whoville

I normally find Sun and Jin centric episodes to be of a slower pace though more cinematic. And this episode was much different, chock full shooting, pregnancy, subtitles, Desmond, search for electromagnetism, ceasing to be, and them teeth on Keamy, a lot going on.

Smoke can’t go on the water

So all of the names that aren’t crossed off need to go together to get off the island. Sayid is numb and is told by the man in black he is better off this way for what is coming. Claire is an emotional basket case still pondering if she wants to kick Kate out of the plane after it leaves the island. And Fake Locke as the Smoke Monster can’t swim.

Jin is fed up with life in zombie camp and wants to go find Sun, he is not even finished packing when Widmore’s people tranquilize the camp and collect and bring him to room 23 over on Hydra Island. Zoe is revealed to be a geophysicist and is trying to find the pockets of electromagnetism on the island; they discovered Jin of the seventies had signed off on the grid maps from the Dharma Initiative back when he was working for them. Jin demands to see Zoe’s boss and Widmore is all nice and shows him some cute pictures of Sun and Ji Yeon they happen to have found on the plane, he then tells him a bunch of crap about how he misses his daughter too and that this is why Jin needs to help him stop the Main in Black from leaving the island. Because you know, everyone they love will just cease to be.

Widmore let's Jin know that the package on the sub, likely the same thing in the locked room Sawyer noticed, is not a What, but a who! and that Who is Desmond! hmmm Fake Locke is also not a what but a who.

Look out for that tree!

On the other side of the island Sun is also feeling pretty frustrated with everything while she is off in her old garden that seems like it is a 100 years old. Fake Locke shows up to bring her to Jin. She does not believe him and runs off through the jungle knocking herself out from running into a tree. When she wakes up she can only speak Korean although she understands English perfectly well. Richard returns and is all ready to go to Hydra island and destroy the plane, oh real Locke would be so proud.

Sun after a mini temper-tantrum that you really can’t fault her for having eventually comes around and Jack is much more serene now also, as though he is on the happy pills. He found a tomato that no one told to die and was stubborn and he picked it (I hope they eat it so it doesn’t just rot, of course I guess them picking it just killed it after all) He assures Sun they will get her and Jin together and off the island.

“I don’t like secrets”

Fake Locke goes to Hydra Island to talk to Widmore about giving him Jin back, since Jin is one of his people. Widmore denies his whereabouts and Fake Locke remembers real Locke hearing Widmore warning him “war is coming to the island”, ironic part is Widmore had followed up this statement with “If you’re not on the island when that happens the wrong side is going to win.” He leaves there but has sent Sayid over to the sub to see what is in the mysterious locked room that Sawyer had noticed.

Off Island

Ms. Paik Mr. Kwon Welcome to Los Angeles

Flash Sideways begins at the airport with Sun and Jin leaving after being questioned by costums for having some 25,000 dollars on them, undeclared. Of course since they can’t speak any English, and there seems to be no interpreter they are let go without the money since that requires paperwork. The two of them go off to a swanky hotel where the staff was kind enough to give Sun an Ocean Front room. (Mirroring her “ocean front” tent on the island)It was officially made clear they are not married as many suspected when the airport officials addressing Sun as Ms. Paik, and no rings of course.

In this time line, Sun and Jin may not be married but they are still hot for each other, Jin tells her he loves her and the questions start to unravel about why they aren’t married yet since he is working for her Dad. When Sun wakes in the morning she lets Jin know of her secret account and her trip to LA for some “shopping” was just a clever ruse on her part to escape her dad’s clutches and run off with her man.

You Better Knock Three Times

When Keamy knocks at the door, Sun is checking herself out in the mirror and she appears to have some concern over something about her appearance, much like many of our other survivors in the flash sideways. Mirrors have been used throughout the entire show and their meaning is still up to interpretation.

Keamy and Omer show up at the hotel to meet up with Jin since they missed each other at the restaurant. So it would seem to be that in this world Keamy still works with Widmore, who works with Paik and all the goons, appear to be together also. The only connection between Sun, Jin and the rest of the main time liners is Widmore. All of our other characters are inter-tangles with each other, but these two were not connected to anyone, until we see Charles connection to Suns Dad in season five.

Patchy the patch less interpreter

Mikhail AKA Patchy is “Danny’s friend” who must also be one of Keamy and Omar’s friends and is able to translate Jin and Sun for them, he goes off with Sun to the bank to get Kemah’s money only to find her dad closed her account, damn it.

Jin gets a bump on the head because of Omar’s lack of attention to detail and Keamy lovingly cleans him up even though he is planning on popping him once he gets his money. Well the heart wants what the heart wants.

Sun and Mikhail go to the restaurant after Sayid has been there doing his dirty work, Jin has successfully freed himself with Sayid’s help and a gun fight between him and Patchy ensues, leaving Patchy now in need of a patch and Sun possibly shot and oh yeah, pregnant…guess his boys can swim here or she is preggers with someone else’s baby.

Flash Sideways Similarities

• Jin and Sayid in both time lines when they first are around each other, Jin is restrained.

• There is a language issue with Jin and someone else.

• Sun is on the plane to accompany Jin

Flash Sideways Differences

• Sun and Jin are sneaking around but not married. She was looking to escape her Dad, in the main time line she was looking to escape Jin, was married to him and was having an affair. But she only got on the plane out of fear.

• Lost is not the type of show that we can make assumptions with, so we don’t know if Sun really can speak English or not. On the island she had many people to go to where she wouldn’t be found out. We also do not know if Jin is the father of her baby or if she is still being fixed up with the same man that was teaching her English and could of impregnated her before but didn’t.

• Patchy has no Patch

Questions Answered:

• Desmond is what was locked in the Sub (answered that fast)

• If Fake Locke gets off the island many of the survivors would “cease to be”

• Smoke and water do not mix

New Questions:

• What the heck does them “ceasing to be mean?”

• How will they stop the Man in Black? Jin asked this and it went to commercial.

• Why does Jin & Sun need to sneak around and why aren’t they married?

• How is Sun pregnant, is Jin's sperm working well, or is it someone else’s baby?

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