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ReCon (Lost episode 6.08) Recap & Analysis

ReCon (LOST episode 6.08) – Recap & Analysis

Sawyer –centric episode featuring his flash sideways and his current whereabouts. I have to say this episode was ok, but not as exciting as last week even though it was full of action, still with only eight more episodes of Lost left before the final season is over I want to enjoy all I can.

Sawyer is pissed off and banging chicks

Sawyer, excuse me, James Ford in the X universe is now on the other side of law & order, because at one point in his life he knew he had a choice to be cop or a criminal and chose cop. However he is still kind of pissed off. His partner in this X reality is Miles (cute) the flash sideways begins with Jim in bed with a woman and the whole, oops look at all this money you weren’t suppose to see con trick goes down. Only this woman doesn’t buy it and pulls a gun on him, and does not believe him when he tells her he is a cop and they have the room surrounded. So he says his “safe word” La Fleur (nice) and in bounces the cavalry.

His parents are still dead, still conned by Anthony Cooper Locke’s dad, but this time he knows the correct name, and was able to obtain that in Australia. We don’t know how he got the name or if he ran into Frank Duckett, and if he possibly killed him by accident. The bigger mystery though is, what is the deal with Cooper? In Locke’s flash sideways we find out his dad is still in his life, and he even has a photo of them hunting or fishing. So what could be different that makes Cooper still have a relationship with Locke?

Miles fixes Jim up with Charlotte who works with his dad at some museum. Which is nice to know Pierre made it off the island, wonder if he is up to at the “museum”. Charlotte and Sawyer seemed to be an unlikely pair, with their animosity towards each other on the island, and who knows, maybe in some weird twist this is why. After dinner and romp with the love machine, Charlotte looks for a T shirt and stumbles upon his “Sawyer” file, which he promptly freaks out about and tosses her out on her ass at 3 in the morning.

The next day after breaking up with Miles, breaking a mirror and watching some Little House, Jim makes his way back to Charlottes with a sunflower ( must be his flower of choice, since he gave the same type of flower to Juliet before)where she is not forgiving and tells him he had his chance.

Since things didn’t work out with Charlotte he tries to patch things up with Miles by doing something that rarely happens on LOST, telling him the truth and filling him in on what he is hiding. During their heart to heart a car slams into the car they are sitting in and the driver runs away from the scene. Miles and Jim catch the crasher to find out it is Kate where he explains with amused surprise one of his tag lines” son of a bitch”.

On Island

The episode began with no previously on LOST, and we see Sawyer heating some water to bring to a sleeping Jin in Claire’s tent. Jin is a bit freaked out, and tells Sawyer Locke is not Locke and he is not leaving without Sun. Sawyer assures him, they will not do so.

Fake Locke has Sawyer go survey /on a recon mission, where Sawyer does find the plane, a pile of dead bodies, and a chick (who he does not sleep with, yet). As they go walking off to the beach to head back to the main island, Sawyer starts to become suspicious of all her questions and demands to know who she is. Much like his sideways, she whistles and out pops some goons with guns. They take him to their leader which is Widmore and his new shiny sub. There is also a mysterious locked closet on the sub, and the last time there was a mysterious metal object holding something, it was Illana’s trunk with Locke’s dead body. Maybe Widmore finally found Christian’s body, either of them? I do wonder if it is a person though, and probably alive. But if not, then I vote Christian, or closet full of shoes. Widmore and Sawyer have a little sit down and Widmore finds it sad about how little Sawyer actually knows, but doesn’t tell him anything, so I guess he doesn’t feel too bad about it. Sawyer basically tells Widmore what he wants to hear, that he will march Fake Locke to him and they are not to harm his people, and let them leave. He relays the info to Locke when he returns. He is basically working with Locke, but also knows these people need to fight amongst themselves, and Sawyer is ready to go home via the sub when they are all distracted by it.

Our only interaction with Sayid is through Kate when they are taking a rest on a log in the jungle. Sayid is very much in zombie mode, very out of it and when Kate asks him if he is okay, he says “no” in a creepy way. They get interrupted though by creepy Claireso when she tackles Kate and puts a knife to her throat.

Crazy on you, going go crazy, crazy on you

Kate and Claire have a bit of a cat fight, and Fake Locke intervenes before Claire kills Kate by slapping Claire and telling her she is being inappropriate. Kate goes off to cry and Fake Locke goes to talk to her and explains why Claire went all crazy. He acknowledges his accountability and that he needed to give her something to keep her going, so he lied that the others had Aaron, giving her an enemy. Kate should know what this is like, because her enemy has been the others, and was her step-father before she ever got on this island, and also had a lot to do with the circumstances that sent her there, the first time. Fake Locke puts it simply that when Kate told her the truth all that anger, all those feelings, had to go somewhere. Kate pretty much knows at this point, she is not talking to the real Locke, since he was off the island and is a “dead man”. He tells her how his mother was crazy and that it influenced how he turned out, the issues he has had to work through, that he is still working through them, and it didn’t have to be that way. Kate asks him why he is telling her this, and he responds “Because Aaron now has a crazy mother.” Claire and Kate kiss and make up later, and she said she was grateful, though I was waiting for her to grab Kate’s gun off her back.

Fake Locke, A.K.A Man in Black, A.K.A Black Smoke Thing

The more I see of him, the more I notice how determined he is, and how he wants to be free. This week though he reminded me much of real Locke, and I have to say I am still not convinced he is the bad guy. Between his conversation with Kate, the way he handled Claire, he speech to the Others he has displayed wisdom, humility, honesty and deceit, determination, and a sense of order and calmness that just changes how the Black Smoke Thing is perceived. Though I don’t forgive him yet for Eko, at least he forgave Sawyer for his rudeness.

I am also wondering how and if Illana knows he can’t change into anyone else, since he did change into Alex back in Dead is Dead last season? Why could he change then, but not anymore?

Rabbit Watch

Because I have a minor obsession with Watership and Down and its connection with LOST, I decided I will dedicate a small section at the end of my recaps of any Easter egg bunnies. Feel free to leave comments on any you may have picked up that I have missed. Oh and I finally watched the movie Watership down again, still creepy, can’t believe my parents had me watch that as a child.

When Charlotte is looking for a T shirt she picks up the book Watership Down (knew I would see that again) off of the dresser.
At the end of the episode, Kate and Sawyer are sitting by the fire that Kate is cooking rabbit for dinner.

Questions Answered

1. Sawyer is a cop in the flash sideways

2. Miles is also a cop and his partner and has a girlfriend

3. Miles Dad is alive and works at a museum with Charlotte

4. Kate is still running

5. Sawyer is looking for Anthony Cooper, and is still angry

New Questions

1. Who or what is in the closet on the Sub

2. Are those Pylons to kill Smokie/Locke? How does that work?

3. Why is Widmore there?

4. Is Kate innocent of her crime in the X universe?

5. Who is Miles girlfriend?

6. Is Fake Locke trapped or not in that form, if so why?

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